I Have A Carrot!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yes, I have a carrot! My own odd looking, home-grown carrot. Looks a little like a deformed orange boxing glove, eh? But, I am so proud. This is my first ever, home-grown carrot. We planted seeds back in late July/August and this is the first of the crop. I will have to have to a nice pot roast to partner with my exquisite carrot.

I also have lemons - lots of lemons. These are Meyer lemons off our lemon trees. They are as big as oranges and they are more sweet than tart. My DH has dreams of having a citrus and fruit orchard in our front pasture one day. He keeps trying so hard, bless his heart, but we have the most awful gumbo clay soil here. We have some pear trees that have produced pears, but mostly the dear and squirrels eat them before we can. I am sure he will continue in his quest and who knows, maybe one day we will have lots of fruit for us and to share with our animal friends.

Yesterday was Sewing Bee day. I got fussed at for taking pictures so you'll need to check in on my dear friend, Barbara's blog, to see the one she managed to capture. Boy, you start a blog, carry a camera with you everywhere, and suddenly everyone is camera shy and a bit nervous...go figure! :-)

Even this Kingfisher bird! I have been trying to take this little fellow's picture for the last three weeks. Every time I get anywhere close to him, he flutters off. I finally got a shot, although it is not the best. He is always in the same area on the way to town. It is just reassuring somehow that he is always there. He sits on the electric wires watching the water-filled ditches below for juicy morsels - crawfish, frogs, etc. The area I live in being coastal has wonderful wildlife and birds. Hopefully, I can get some good bird pictures for you during the Migration Celebration we have here in March/April.

On the way out to Bee, of course I had to stop and give my regards to Buffy, our duck. Here she comes to say "good morning". It has really been her kind of weather lately....wet, wet, wet.

Bee day was mostly a rainy day and very good for visiting with friends, lots of laughter and sewing. I made a little progress on my cancer hospital block as you can see. I still have my gears turning in my head as to how I want to embellish it. Here are some butterflies that I cut out of some fabric I had in my stash and I am thinking I may use them on this block in some way. I want to give the feeling of the butterfly's light airy flight so I am thinking I should not get too embellishment crazy on the seams or I could get the block too busy. I plan to add some silk ribbon embroidery flowers in spots. Trial and error is a method I hold quite dear. I don't get too flustered if I have to start something over or change direction on an idea - it is just a part of the process for me.

I would like to invite you all to check out the January, 2008 issue of CQMagOnline. We, the staff and our wonderful new editor, Rissa, have just finished putting the final touches on this issue and we do hope you enjoy it. We try to have interesting and informative articles. We invite readers to participate by sending in pictures of items they have done, and we are always interested in new techniques, favorite stitches, new textile artists, etc. Be sure to check out everything; articles, book reviews, editor's notes, to the BOI (Block of the Issue). We try to include lots of eye candy! It is a free online magazine and you can sign up there to receive our quarterly issues.

Well, today, was another drab day as far as the weather. I think we are going to have some of this for a while, but, it is excellent weather for sewing, reading and, I guess, a little housework, if I must. If you have been popping in on my blog, you are aware that I recently spent some time with my folks in Ark. They are having a lot of health and aging challenges. I went to help get some things lined up with doctors and caregivers for both of them; as well as, face some difficult issues head on, such as my Dad's need to give up driving. My Dad has several medical factors that necessitate his relinquishing getting behind the wheel. He is a very brittle diabetic (four insulin shots a day) and his glucose can drop significantly without warning, he has diabetic neuropathy in both legs and must wear braces to even barely walk with a walker, and he has dementia. He has had quite a few "incidents" with the car, ER visits due to his diabetes, etc. All these factors combined with his very confident personality have made this quite the challenge. His doctor wrote a letter to the DMV there saying that he should not be driving. A hearing was held at the DMV, but instead of pulling his license they granted him thirty days to have a physical with another doctor (you see he got so mad when he heard about this letter thing that he fired that doctor) and have the new doctor fill out forms stating he could drive. I must admit, I don't understand the actions of the DMV on this subject. Just one look at my Dad, who is in his 80's and can barely walk you would think would have been enough for them to pull his license. Before this hearing, I came home and brought my Dad's driver's license with me and hid the keys to his car. My brother, mother and myself figured it would blow over and when the thirty days was up (which is this coming Monday) - his license would be permanently pulled.
As you can imagine, Dad has been a bit miffed at me for not giving him his driver's license. I call several times a week to talk to my folks and sometimes he is mad at me and sometimes I can change the subject. This morning we actually had a really good conversation without him being mad at me. I was so elated. The phone calls have been difficult at best, but I dearly love my folks. Not too long after hanging up with Dad; however, my folk's caregivers called to say that Dad was having quite a tantrum, pitching things, screaming and demanding his car keys because he was going to go to an attorney and get his driving privileges back. The caregivers could not get him settled down. I immediately called my brother to give Dad a call to try and calm him down. I figured hearing from me would not help the situation. Well, long story short, my brother and I spent the entire afternoon either on the phone with each other, my parents, the caregivers or doctors. Dementia often gives way to frustration and anger. I mean, can you imagine all of a sudden people are telling you that you are forgetting things and that you can't do certain things any more and you are having to have drivers and "babysitters"?

My goal, of course, is to get my folks closer to me so that I can be involved on a daily basis in their care and I have faith that the good Lord is walking with me on this journey. When I read my Bible study and devotional today, I read something so beautiful and encouraging. It reminded me that on our life's path when we face difficulties and pain, we will always find the footprints of our Saviour going before us. He has gone through it all on our behalf and understands our needs. It is definitely encouraging to me on difficult days like this, when I don't have the means to ease my Dad's frustration, that God is holding me in the palm of His hand and will see me through. I hope you feel the same encouragement - that God is holding you in the palm of his hand, and considers us most precious indeed!


Rissa said...

First, thanks for the nice words. Now for the serious stuff, we had a heck of a time getting Ben's parents to stop driving, even after his father had a stroke. It is really hard to get them to give up their cars. Ben's mom had several wrecks towards the end...only one with a person and it was not very bad...but it was in a bad part of town and they sued her. Sometimes there are just no good answers.

Stacy said...

Julie--Just wanted to say I love you and that you are on my prayer list! You have the best attitude about all of this, and the Christ in you is clearly evident! Love you!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Julie, with your faith you will see this through....
I am so proud of you....and I value your example more than you can know.

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