My boys zoomed in and out

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Well, another couple of days without sewing or visiting the studio. However, these were special days. My twins came home to see me :-) We had our Christmas visit, spent time catching up, eating good food, going to the movies, church this morning and then the standard trip to IHOP afterward for pancakes; lots of pancakes - you know how boys can put it away! Took a quick pic as we were going into IHOP. These are the special men in my life, the twins and my DH. Poor dears, the sun was behind me and they are all squinting like the three blind mice. Our visit was short, but sweet. All three are truly blessings to me. Yes, I am really married to Santa, the secret is out! Squinting in the sun there he appears to be quite the curmudgeon, but he is actually quite the teddy bear.

I am still fighting the "crud" so I am off to do some reading and resting. Went to get the latest Somerset Studio book to thumb through. The sermon today was excellent as always and very encouraging....God can make everything new. If we only ask, He can help us begin each day, refreshed and renewed, with a new outlook, new hearts. What an encouragement that is to me!


Allison Ann Aller said...

You are indeed blessed...three handsome power dudes! And the God given perspective with which to love them well....

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