Sewing Bee Day and may have to change my word for 2008!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Well, did I say my word for 2008 was "simplify"? I really do think that is an important word for me, however, I may have to partner it with the word "focus". Yesterday morning as I hurriedly gathered everything for my day out (Tuesdays are "Sewing Bee" Day) - I obviously was a bit scattered. Living in the country, when I go to town, I try to multi-task - you know, be more efficient :-). I take things that need mailing, run my errands - the bank, etc. and with going to sewing bee, you need to have all the supplies with you you may need for your projects. Once I had the car loaded - I was off, thinking to myself about all the things I needed to do that day. I like to talk with God when I drive (praying if you will) and was doing so just as the policeman noted I was speeding and pulled me over. OBVIOUSLY, I was not focused on my driving at the time and had not noticed that I had gone over the speed limit. I really don't normally speed at all. I was so flustered. The policeman was very nice and could tell this was not a normal occurrence for me, but I still got the ticket :-( I do think I got the message. To everything there is a time! I needed to slow down and focus on the task at hand - driving. So....the word focus will be an important one to me this year!

I am treasurer of my local Bible Study Fellowship International and do banking errands for them so that was my first stop after getting my ticket. A little disgruntled with myself and even feeling a little sorry for myself for getting the ticket and not paying better attention, again, God gave me another kind of ironic nudge. While at the bank, the policeman there helped wait on me, making some copies I needed :-) Then as I was leaving, I noticed these gorgeous trees! I have spoken before about how much I love trees. I just had to stop and drink them in. It was such a gray, dreary-looking winter day, but oh, the beauty in these trees!
They immediately sparked joy in my heart and I felt renewed. So I slowed down, focused and began my day once again! I am so thankful for these signs, especially when I notice them, however suttle they may be. I have learned in my bible studies that once we learn something in God's word, He often gives us "labs" if you will, to test our understanding about how we should apply what we have learned to our daily living. Just been through another lab!
Before moving on, I wanted to show you how "Buffy", our one remaining duck who is now living across the street at our neighbor's pond, is doing. I always stop on the way out and tell her hello. She was so busy foraging for her breakfast, she had little time for me and I snapped this as she bobbed her head down, derriere in the air to get some tasty morsel from below. Ok, Buffy, I'll come back when you are not so busy.

As I mentioned before, Tuesday is Sewing Bee day. I took at couple of pictures to show you.
Here is some of my group getting started with their projects for the day. The table filled up as the day went on - people come and go all day. We so enjoy our little group of sewing ladies - it is a wonderful time of learning, sharing and fellowship!
Here is a picture of Barbara helping to get Lynnis started on one of her UFOs. Then Barbara showed us all how she makes beaded grape clusters.

Barbara is so talented and always faithful to share that talent with others! Here we are just watching those talented fingers fly! She uses small oval drop beads and small seed beads. I will try to explain what she did...You come up through the fabric and add a seed bead as your base, then add five of the oval drop beads....take your needle and skipping the last oval drop bead, go through the next to the last bead you put on before it, then add two more oval drop beads

(now making a total of seven) and then go back down through the seed bead to the back of the fabric and knot securely. Sorry some of the pics are a little blurry, but Barbara was on the move! Don't they look wonderful! Of course, then you would add your green stems and tendrils.

Here is another group that meets the same day that we do at our Church. They are the Nifty Knitters. They have a grand time as well.

Well, now off to work on my Valentine swap project. I will show you what I am up to when I have made some progress. Everyone have a blessed day!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Nice to see all you gals having such a great time together.
Sorry about the ticket, but as usual you have a terrific perspective. Love the "labs" concept!

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