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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It is always so good to get home from a trip no matter how we look forward to going. Hello, my dear bed! I attended lots of meetings Friday, Saturday and half-a-day Sunday for soccer, took my boys out for dinner to celebrate their birthday, and spent Sunday afternoon relaxing with them, watching the Super Bowl. Monday, my DH and I got up and leisurely got ourselves together to go home as the boys had already gone to work. We drove over to a new area in Austin called the Domain. It was very much like strolling down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and I guess that is the look they are going for. Lots of upscale stores - Louis Vuittan, Tiffany, Barney's of New York, Cole Haan, Coach, etc. I just looked! No entering such abodes for me! Besides, it was early and most of the stores were not quite open. It was interesting enough just to pass by. They have a long street with all these upscale stores and then behind it were condos and apartments - so it was like a little community. We did eat breakfast there at a place called Oakville Grocery. They had lots of coffees, juices, and fresh pastries, fruit and yogurt parfaits, etc. So we just relaxed and enjoyed looking around. I did pop into a MAC store to get some items I needed.

Today is DH's birthday, but it is also sewing Bee day. I got a late start; I was so tired from the weekend, I slept in. Although I got to Bee late, it was a great day of fellowship with my friends. One of our group who has not been in a while stopped in to see us which was delightful - so glad to see you Maureen! Here is a picture of roses blooming outside Chic-Filet where I grabbed my lunch before scooting off to Bee. I just thought they were a pretty color and I like to study roses.

Now, here is a picture of my "very slow" progress on the "Butterfly Block". As you can see, I have not had a lot of time for sewing due to other obligations, but I should be able to hit the old sewing studio for the next couple of days.

Since it is DH's birthday, we went out to a nice dinner at a local Italian Restaurant. I called ahead to request that they bring out cake after dinner with a lit candle on it for a small surprise. You see, it is his 60th... that is pretty special and so is he.

I got lots of hugs from my boys while in Austin and made it back in time for my bible study last night. I called my Mom and Dad this morning and they sound well, so I am feeling very blessed today! God is really answering prayers concerning my folks.

I am always so amazed at the plan God has in place for one to learn His word and with each new insight, increase the desire to know more, aren't you? To wet your appetite and draw out your faith. This week I studied some familiar verses in Matthew 15 about the Canaanite (Gentile) woman who came to Jesus asking Him to heal her daughter from demon possession. Eventually He answers her by saying, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs." I know, it sounds a bit harsh at first doesn't it? It did to me. But really, this story is so encouraging and such a good example of humility and faith. Jesus deliberately planned His responses to her, or lack thereof at first, in order to teach His disciples and to draw out this woman's faith; faith she was probably unaware she had deep in her heart of hearts. Sometimes, God will test our true desire for the prayer or petition we are making to be answered and whether we truly believe His promises to do so. She humbled herself and she persevered in her petition. I mean, she was really humble and sincere with her petition. This is a wonderful example for me because pride is one of my stumbling blocks. I think I "know" what I am doing and what I deserve to happen. If someone had called me a "dog", I am sure the hair on the back of my neck would have bristled, I would have let my pride take over and let'm have it. But, what a blessing would have been lost if she had done just that. The faith in this woman's response was awesome. She broke through all discouragements. She did not take offense at what Jesus said to her, she acknowledged her unworthiness, but also acknowledged that just one crumb from the power and grace of God could heal her daughter. And, Jesus blessed that faith. What a lesson for me! First of all to pray for help in letting go of my pride and humbling myself, and secondly, to persevere in my petitions and prayers to Christ so that Jesus can draw out my faith to hone it and strengthen it. I often get so easily discouraged and impatient, but if I will remind myself of this woman's situation and her perseverence, it will truly bless and encourage me to follow her example.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Jules, your butterfly block is stunning!
I haven't had time to start embellishing mine yet, but I hope to this week-end while I am traveling in Florida. Your block will be so intpirational for me.

Lovely pics of your wonderful family, too. ;-)

Judith said...

Jules, you and your family are gorgeous. You are looking more stunning each time I see a picture of you and it is a delight to see your boys and DH.
Tons of love

Jan Campbell said...

Jules, congrats on your winning bid. Your new (old)Singer Featherweight is sooo cute. I know you will enjoy using it. Thanks for all the pictures, you and Barbara are too funny with those cameras. I am also inspired by your Bible Study comments...yes God isn't finished with us yet, He's always right there keeping us going. Love your Blog. Jan Campbell

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