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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Because - we see something else that appeals to our creative hearts and away we go! And, I am no different than most creative people. I am stimulated by so many things that I see each and every day. Just surfing the net can overwhelm the senses and result in hours of being lost in "internet land". I am sure you have done the same thing I have. You go to one person's site and they have all this interesting information and mention another site, so you click on that site and are whisked away for more to titillate your senses, then again, another site, and another...... suddenly you look up and three hours or more have passed - OMG - dinner to get ready! My internet travels result in so much wonderful information and really makes the world seem like a smaller, friendlier place. But, I find all these great things I want to try!

I recently learned of and scheduled a class at a retreat in Wichita, Kansas for this coming November. I will be taking a class from Carole Samples at the Pink Bunny. Here is the blog of the owner of the Pink Bunny, Valerie Bothell. I have never taken classes from Carole before and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do so. (I mean, me the Class Junkie that I am and Carole, the amazing creative stitcher that she is!) I have Carole's book and have been intrigued with the idea of her stitching templates - so here I go off in yet another direction, but will keep you informed of my progress in all my creative arenas.

It is my understanding that these templates are not available at the moment (I was able to get mine with the class enrollment), but hopefully Carole will be producing some more in June. I will provide information on how to obtain these when they are available again. The templates take a bit of organizing to get ready to use and there is a caddy that you stitch together to hold them - yep, adding that to the project list too. I am still in the beginning stages of my needle book swap project and still working on my Memory pages as well as time allows and must give some time and thought to the next round of articles for CQMagOnline.

If you are interested in traveling to either Colorado or to Tuscany - Italy - check out the information on retreats offered by Helen Gibb that just came across my computer screen! Wow! I am acquainted with Helen and she does incredible ribbon work - any time with her is well spent and she has luscious ribbons for those really special projects. Retreat in Colorado. Retreat in Tuscany.

My DH and I will be taking a short trip up to see my folks and how they are doing for my Dad's birthday, March 11th. I talk with my folks every other day or so and things are going fairly well for them. We are taking baby steps regarding moving them closer unless something changes. The caregivers we have hired seem to be working pretty well and we are taking it a day at a time. I know it is difficult for them to get used to the lack of spontaneity and privacy, but it has become necessary to their well-being. I have been gathering together things that Mom and Dad might like, to take with me. Mom has drop-foot on her right side due to a botched hip replacement surgery (one of four she has been through) and wears a brace on that leg to help her walk. When I was last there, I found she was using a large rubber band to hold her slipper on that foot so - I found some slippers with elastic around the top of them that I am hoping will stay on her feet without the "rubber bands". Then, Dad has gotten a little particular about his clothing - he wants only soft, comfortable things; he doesn't like the stiffness of new items. So, I have purchased some undershirts and pajamas for him and have washed them all many times with fabric softener. Then I have taken the pajama tops and removed all the buttons and stitched the fronts closed. He likes to just pop them over his head, as buttoning has become more difficult and the buttons jab him when he sleeps, he says. A Message Bible in large print, cd's with family pictures, etc. are some more items to hopefully brighten their days.

Update on the yard: the weeding is not complete, but each little bit done brings such pleasure. My darling DH called to get me some help with the weeding and they should be out early next week - wasn't that the nicest thing to do? I find as I age, I still have the desire to do all these things outside, but often my joints tell me to slow it down, so I am so delightfully happy that DH hired some help with the "hard stuff". Now I will have more opportunity to plant flowers and trim things. I mowed the entire front yard/pasture and some of the back yesterday (about 3 acres). Will let DH do the back :-) As I mowed, Buffy, gracefully waddled to and from our pond and the neighbors as she pleased - we keep food out for her; her confident attitude is just adorable. It was quite windy so I got pretty wind burned. At our Lent study at church last night, I sat there shivering - you know how odd wind burn makes you feel. But, I just can't pass up being outside when it is beautiful - it just calls to me. God's nature waking up all around in the spring is just awesome! When I get things shaped up a bit, I will definitely post some pictures. But remember, ours is a humble home, nothing extraordinary - just "home".
A new calling. Recently, my DH and I were asked to teach the seventh, eighth and ninth grade Sunday School class at church. After prayerful consideration, we have agreed to do so. I must confess that my first inclination was to run for the hills. Stumbling blocks for me (remember those stumbling blocks from Matthew?) were "time-management", sheer "laziness", and just plain "fear". Children are so special to God. Children in the real sense (our youth) and children in the sense of new believers. What a responsibility, what a commitment!

"See that you do not despise one of these little ones,
for I say to you, that their angels in heaven
continually behold the face
of My Father who is in heaven" Matthew 18:10

The more I have been studying God's Word however, the more I realize that there is responsibility in being a child of God. Our salvation does not depend on service, but God is definitely going to ask us for it and is definitely pleased with our service in His name. Of course, I would like nothing more than to just put that notion right up on the shelf until I am ready to entertain the idea, (I mean life is busy!), but it seems that God has something different in mind. When I told my DH that the church had called, before I told him what it was they requested, I told him that I had felt that God would be calling me to do something, service related, for Him soon. The amazing answer from my DH? He, too, said he felt the same. So, we embark on a new adventure, leaning on God and His Word to provide for us every step of the way. I mean, kids this age these days are more sophisticated than I ever was! Probably smarter too! OMG -All those questions come to mind: How do we gain their trust? Can I reach them? How do we keep their interest? How do we get them excited about God? The answer: ask God for help and ask the saints for prayers. So, I am asking that you who are stopping by for a visit, if you feel so inclined, would you lift us up in prayer as we venture forward to teach these youth about God and His promises? If you have a special prayer request, please note that in the comment area and I will be glad to lift you up in prayer as well. Thanks!


Jane said...

Prayers are with you as you undertake your teaching. I am so thrilled for you about your future class with Carole Samples, too. What a treat that will be. Take care!

Allison Ann Aller said...

If you can find a hands-on service project for the kids to get involved in, I know that will inspire them...my cousin's Sunday School class helped out with Habitat for Humanity...just cooking lunches at a local project...and she said the feeling was AMAZING for everybody.

I know you will be fine, just because of who you are..and Whom you try to emulate. Cheers!

Stacy said...

Yay!!! I am sooooo excited our kids are going to have you guys as their teachers! What a blessing for them...and I pray for you two as well!

Ya'll are gonna do great...if you care about them, they will respond--and I know how much you both care!

Ya'll are the coolest! We love you!

Kathy R said...

I just recently came across your blog and I want to thank you for your inspirations each day. I so enjoy reading about your devotions and what the Lord is teaching you or having you take a step in faith as teaching.

I have been tagged to share 7 ramdom things about myself and then pass the tag on to 7 other people. If you will play I'm passing it on to you. Check my blog for the rules.

God Bless,

Louisiana Momma said...

love your work and can't wait to meet you at the tomball retreat - i would like to know where I can get that pattern for the template caddy! :-)

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