Do You Have Gremlins?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Boy, I don't know about you, but I am sure I have gremlins in my sewing studio-ette. Yes, studio-ette, because it is not quite big enough to be a full fledged studio is a studio want-to-be, but it is cozy and well used. My online friend, Willa, came up with this most appropriate term for those cozy sewing spaces we all create. Now, back to the problem at hand. Each time I turn around the place is a bigger mess than the minute before! I am sure it is gremlins...I just can't make that big of a mess so quickly can I? Anyway, I have spent the entire day cleaning, organizing, and straightening my studio-ette. I still have a bit to go, but I feel I can breath in there again. When it reaches "maximum clutter stage", I just can't get my creative juices to flow....they feel all squeezed in, so I am forced to "stop!, step away from the stitching and clean up the mess". And, no! I am not crazy enough to put such an incriminating picture online, but, I will show you my work table.

My darling DH put this together for me and it is wonderful. We took two inexpensive six-drawer dressers and put them back to back on a platform with a small space between the two. The platform is a firm foundation for the two dressers and it is on rollers so I can move the whole thing as needed. We left the space in between the two dressers for further storage of big, long items, so it has two shelves in there. We also extended one end a little bit and started the inside shelves about a foot or so in so that I could sit there and have my knees up under it if I was seated working on a project. The table measures about 4.5 x 5.5 feet. It is really great to lay things out on, but like my counter space, it is easy to fill up fast. What is about empty counter space....we just walk in and lay down whatever we have in our hands! It is also amazing how once we feel we have put things in an appropriate place and are organized....we can never find them again!

I want to share this adorable charm
I received from Stephanie Novatski.
If you are not familiar with Stephanie and her work, please check out her blog, Novablossoms (link on the left). She is an award winning artist. Right now, she is specializing in dolls. And, by looking at this beautiful fabric and beaded charm, you can see her talent in creating amazing faces. Each side of this fabric charm (which is about 1" in diameter) has been hand-drawn and painted by Stephanie. This was a fantastic surprise for me and I just love it. Stephanie also did "my face" I use for my profile picture here on my blog. She is amazingly gifted. You can read more about Stephanie in the upcoming issue of CQMagOnline (link on left). My sewing group has decided to make a charm bracelet soon and each of us will be creating a charm to exchange out of found objects and such so this charm will be a wonderful addition to my bracelet.

I have finished my "breast cancer block" (remember, I took some of it apart and re-worked it) and I will take a picture of it tomorrow to post. Barbara B. of our group is putting the breast cancer quilt together this year. Jan, Barbara and I went to Houston on a little shopping trip last week and found a beautiful light green brocade dupioni for the quilt backing. The theme for the quilt this year is "roses" and with all the varied pinks in the 20 blocks, the green will be a beautiful addition. Of course, with all the talented ladies that participate in this project each year, how could these quilts not be gorgeous. The hospitals and foundations that receive them are beyond pleased.

I have begun to stitch again on the lapel for my black kimono jacket which I hope to finish by Houston Quilt Festival....picture to come. I have signed up for some classes that are really out of my box at the Houston Quilt Festival...should be fun.
Oh, and look what I found on Ebay. Can't you just imagine an adorable little lady wearing this on Easter Sunday? Well.....I bought it to use the flowers on projects I am starting with KC Willis so each flower will have a new life :-)

The puppies are growing and real trouble-makers! I will certainly be glad when we get past this stage. They are too cute to toss, so I guess I will grin and bear it :-) It took a lot to get them this tired.


This past Sunday, we discussed "authority" and how God places people in positions of authority. We had the kids each pretend to be the king or queen of their own country and let them make up the rules for their country. It was quite interesting to see that the majority of them wanted God to be revered and worshiped in their country, but at the same time, they each wanted extra special privileges for themselves. The ol' want the cake and eat it too. Many of them didn't want money to exist, they just wanted to be able to "have" what was needed. Interesting that they see at an early age the power of money. What I did enjoy thinking about was the fact that God does have control over everything so....shouldn't that make it easier for us to respect authority? God is our savior, redeemer, friend, protector - He knows exactly what's going on no matter the way things appear. I guess it's all about faith, practicing faith. If everything was perfect - there would be no need for faith or hope. Let's pray for those in authority to discern God's will and follow His direction - let's practice FAITH.

May God shower you with blessings, till next time...Jules


Patricia said...

I definitely have gremlins! You have described the evidence exactly. Your work station is ingenious, what a terrific idea that is for our studioettes.
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