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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, finally here in Texas, we have experienced our first little "cool" snap.  Leaves are falling like rain, but it feels so nice.  We had such a dry, hot summer - it is so refreshing to walk outside and feel comfortable instead of like you are walking into a steam bath.  I have really missed working in the gardens and now will be my opportunity to get out there and play in the dirt a little bit.  That is when I am home any this coming month.  October is going to be very busy, I have trips to Pennsylvania, Houston, Arkansas and Colorado planned - whew!  It will be tiring, but loads of fun.

Today, I thought I would talk to you about something I have been involved with that is so satisfying - good for the soul, and helpful to others.  I met an extraordinary lady at my church who some years ago lost an infant after childbirth.  The experience led her to start a ministry to help others who are affected by the same loss.  The ministry is called Johnathan's Ministry, after the son they lost.  It is about giving comfort and hope to families who have suffered the loss of their babies and to show Christ's love as the only true comfort.

Their mission is to provide memory boxes to southeast Texas area hospitals. With the support and cooperation of the nursing staff and health care professionals, the items reach families who have suffered the loss of a baby. The boxes include a tiny bag for hair clippings, a plaster kit for hand and foot prints, a disposable camera, a GUND teddy bear, and a handmade layette that includes two gowns, caps, and receiving blankets.  Nothing can really comfort a broken heart in the loss of a child, but healing can happen, and joy can be found again.....in Christ and that is what this ministry is all about.  Here is their website:  Johnathan's Ministry.   Even though you may not live in our area of the world, perhaps you can find or start a similar ministry in you area.

Here are a couple of photos of little bereavement gowns and caps I have made for Johnathan's Ministry.  There is such a need out there - hospitals are always contacting them for more of their "bereavement boxes".  If you like to sew and/or do silk ribbon embroidery or other embellishment, please give it some thought.  White cotton batiste is used to construct the dresses and hats; and lace, decorative machine stitching and even silk ribbon embroidery is added for a special touch.

I have also spent some time lately going through some family photos.  One of the reasons I am going to Colorado is to stop in and take a workshop in fabric collage with K.C. Willis in Longmont at the beginning of our Colorado vacation.  She has some really fun techniques.  You can check out KC retreats here.  So, I thought I would share with you some of the lovely old photos I have found of family members.

Aren't these fun?    The little girl putting on her shoe - my Aunt Julie, the year 1919.  All the other pictures are prior to that except for the young boy in knickers - that's my dad about 1930.   That is my great grandmother and grandfather sitting in the rockers in their store - my grandmother made hats for ladies.  They are also pictured in the oval print with the three children - the little girl in my great-grandmother's lap is my grandmother.  The picture of the girls on either side of the chair are my dad's mother on the left and her sister.  The photo of the young lady in the buggy with the horse is my great Aunt Juliette "Tot" - she won this horse and buggy in a contest, but was deathly afraid of horses so did not keep it.  I just love going through old pictures.  The main frustration is that I wish I knew more background information on each one of them.  Most of these old family pictures have no notations on them which is really sad.  So...I have a decision to make as to which photos I want to use in my fabric collage workshop...what do you think?


This year in my Bible Study Fellowship, we are studying the Apostle John.  Although we have just started the study, I can clearly see that it will be a favorite.  He had such a personal relationship with Christ.  He waited many years after Christ's death before writing the book, reflecting on what he had seen and heard and allowing the Holy Spirit to move within him. The Book of John, therefore, reveals the meaning behind the words and events of Christ's ministry and is a much more intimate accounting than the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.  John's goal: to provide evidence that Jesus is the true son of God and our salvation.  I look forward to sharing with you the lessons it holds for me. 

Blessings till next time -


Kathy said...

Johnathan's Ministry will be such a blessing to those who are grieving the loss of their child. It is a wonderful idea. Last year a friend of my daughters lost her father at the young age of 36. The nursing staff gave the two daughters and their mother each a plaster print of his hand and a lock of hair in a little bag tied with ribbon. They were so blessed my that act of kindness.

I hope you enjoy your many trips you have planned. I see PA is on the list. Hope the weather is nice for you. May God bless you with safe traveling.

Kathy said...

Jules, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I am aware of CQ Mag. I eagerly await each issue. I have sent them pictures in the past of some items I made. Didn't really think about the puzzle piece.

Lilla said...

I would love to go to the workshop but sadly will be in TX at Quilt festival. Oh that is a good thing too.
Thanks for stopping by, aloha Lilla

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