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Sunday, February 13, 2011

If you are here visiting for the OWOH, please scroll down to the next post.  I am so sorry, but I don't know how to keep the OWOH post at the top once I put on a new one.  I am so glad you came to visit!

This is my first year to do the OWOH event and I am really enjoying it, although it is a bit time consuming.  I promised to visit every blogger (at minimum) who visited my blog and I am working hard at keeping my promise.  I have seen some amazing works of art, photos, stories, places; it is truly a wonderful adventure.  Whether I win a door prize or not, I have truly already been blessed by all my visitors - I have learned something from each and every one of them/you and I thank you!

After catching up today with my list of visitors, I decided I needed to get busy on my altered fabric book.  I am taking this workshop through Shabby Cottage Studio with Nellie Wortman.  I have now watched the video lessons and techniques presented (sometimes two or more times) and am slowly getting started.  I am defintiely not a fast artisan!  It took me a while to decide what the title or subject of my book would be, but I have finally decided on "Echoes of The Spirit".  I love old photographs and family photographs and do plan on doing a book on my family, especially my parents in the near future, but I was drawn to this venue and I know it will be a wonderful journey to create this book and delve into the echoes of The spirit within me.  So here goes - the beginning...

old book cover glued to spine fabric for front inside
I found a piece of tapestry I like for the spine/base of the book and then grabbed a couple more fabrics to add to the cover area - I then sewed them into place - with no rhyme or reason - just crazy stitching and letting the fabrics go where they wanted to.  Oh, just to  let you know, I am attaching this to an old book cover, see pic.  I then went to my computer and pulled a bunch of photos and things that I thought I might use in the book and printed quite a few on silk, cotton, photographic paper, transparency, etc.  I don't know about you, but I always need to have lots of choices around me when I create - I pull from every nook and cranny, but I hate to have to stop and do something, like print, when I am in a creating frenzy (I get impatient).  Then I chose a photo I thought would work well for the cover.  This is an image I purchased from Imagine Studio and I just love the textures and her expression.  I added a bit of mica to the top of the image in a couple of places and then matted the image - added a little stitching so far...
Here is how it will layer onto the cover of the book.  I am certainly not finished yet - there will be some text or other 3-d embellishments added to the cover, but I put that aside to begin work on my signatures.

I cut 3 sets of 5 sheets of vellum paper and watercolor paper for my signatures.  (This is the part I hate!)  I am always ready to get started embellishing - don't like the cutting part!  Here is the beginning of the first page of the first signature.  I used (Golden fluid acrylics) white paint, mixed some white, carbon black and phthalo blue for the blue/gray color, and coffee wash.  I found the word God in a 1965 Life magazine. After putting on the colors the way I wanted in the background, I added the word, outlined it in white paint and then stood the page upright to dribble some of the paints and coffee down from the text.  I kinda like how that worked - don't you?

I am now starting to audition some fabrics to insert behind the signatures (so to speak). The fabrics will invite the person looking at the book to look further...when they flip them open....more is revealed.   I love textures and want the book to be filled with them.  When finished the book will probably be about 3" wide at the spine because of all the textures and embellishment that will be added.  So you can see why I stated, this is just the beginning :-) of quite an adventure; pulling from deep down inside my creative spirit and a bit of my personal spiritual journey, and seeing what unfolds.

It would be great if those who are already taking Nelle's class or those who are interested in putting together an altered fabric book would join me - I would love to hear from you and we can compare and encourage each other, share techniques, and enjoy the journey together!

Now, here a few pictures for use in your creative projects.  I found these in an old photo album I purchased at an antique shop.
Margaret R. Ford, 3 yrs. Philadelphia
Elizabeth and Margaret Ford

Mary  A. Weaver, Belt Studio, Coatesville, PA
I have not edited these photos, I will leave that up to you to do in whatever way you would like to use it.  Don't you just love Mary's smile?

My Bible study this year is Isaiah and boy I have to tell you, I am glad I am past all the woes in Chapters 1-40.  I know God must discipline His children for their own good and His purposes, but it sure stings a bit to know we are still a stubborn children.  The really great part is that starting at Chapter 41 is God's encouragement and greatness and His assurance of His presence with us in every situation.  He is with us!   This is so comforting, but it also reminds us that we must watch our deeds and attitude since we are always in the presence of God....I know this is something that I need to remind myself as often as possible as I "twirl" through my busy days.   Until next time, may God grant you His tender mercies...


Robin said...

Hi Jules, your book is looking fantastic! You commented on my blog that you are taking KC's retreat outside of am I!! Are you attending the first or second weekend? I'm really looking forward to the retreat and have never been to her studio in CO, but would love to go some day.


thea said...

very beautiful & subtle... x



Tahnya Marie said...

Thank you so much for your interest in my Auction Jules, yes it is still running and if you want to contact me, my email is:

I have been enjoying going through your blog and that altered fabric book project looks like it would be a really fun, although time consuming project, but beautiful. I love the photos of the little girls, I love how they used to dress, if I am blessed to fall pregant, and should it be a girl, I will be dressing my little one in alot of antique and vintage inspired clothing for sure.

OWOH has been quite an exciting flight hasn't it? It was my first time this year, pity about it being the last year, but I am glad I got to experience it. I managed to get around to every blog, but I have to say it was quite tiring, because I also have had all the issues back home I have been worried about, so I didn't get to focus on OWOH as much and often as I would like, so I am going to have to revisit a lot of blogs.

Thank you again, so very much for your interest in my Auction. *hugs*

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Jules
I only just realized that you were also in Nellie's online course. Your work so far looks fantastic. Yes it would be nice to communicate with you on this. I have done a fair bit of mine now and am in the last signature but my front cover is not finished so I come and go with pages and hop around getting it all to flow but am absolutely loving it.
It was lovely to be invited by Pat to be in the first issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings. Do you have a copy yet?
Talk further,

Paula said...

Hi, Jules! Thank you so much for your sweet message on my blog. And thanks for posting these little cuties...what sweet, sweet faces! I adore your blog and am so happy to be following you now!
Twin boys! Oh, lucky, lucky you! I would love to hear the story. Isn't God just amazing? Our sweet boy is a gift from God, as well. Our sweet miracle, and we are so very thankful.
It's so nice to meet you via OWOH!

Best wishes,

Wendy said...

Hello Jules,

First of all: I love your book! It's gorgeous.
Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos! I used the stunning picture of Margaret Ford in a recent little mixed media project. If you'd like to see it:
Thank you again so much for sharing these beauties!

Hugs, Wendy

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