Green Paper Challenge and Starting a New Project

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hi - have been trying my best to get back to the "blog"!  Don't know about you, but OMG, life has thrown some interesting curves lately and it is hard to be in my creative space.

I did run through my blog favs this morning and noticed that Green Paper was having a little challenge so I thought I would try it.  I decided to work digitally.  The challenge was to create anything using all or pieces of all three of the images in this set...

I blended the flowered post card with the picture of the mother and children in the background with some additional layered background colors and opacities.  I then cropped out the perfume bottle, changed its colors a bit and put it in amongst the flowers at the lower left with some of the flowers wrapping around the bottle or giving the illusion the bottle is in amongst the flowers.  I then added the text, " For that baby fresh scent! " giving it an advertising scenario.  I lessened the opacity of the perfume bottle so that the flower would show through on its label - thought that was interesting.  It will be fun to see what other people do with these images digital or otherwise.  So here is the image I created below.  Now I can print this out to make a tag, use in a collage, print on fabric to make a small pillow or lots of other options.
 As you may remember I have a dear friend who is creating a BOM (Block of the Month) crazy quilt that I have joined. My Bee group is kind of testing her patterns and designs and having fun doing it!  I have officially pronounced my January and February blocks finished and am beginning on my March block.  Here is a little snippit from the February block.  (Can't show you the entire block as these are her designs and she may be sharing them at a later date.)  The hearts are filled with makuba flowers, rolled ribbon silk roses, hydranga, etc. all hand done; the heart was then outlined with a makuba trim and some vintage tatting.  Some beads were added to various flowers inside the hearts as well for a little sparkle.  The hearts are about 3x4 in. each.

I decided I wanted a vintage image on each of my blocks.  I wanted a unique image to represent March, but still vintage  (we are allowed :-) to add or subtract as we would like).  So, I found a cute vintage-looking picture of a little girl flying a kite.  It took a bit digital magic, but I am happy with this image and will place it somewhere on my March CQ block.  I changed up her colors to give her a vintage look, added a background, some grasses, swirls, some clouds, and the little bees.  The bees are representative of my CrazyQuilt Bee with whom I stitch each week.  The kite is fairly plain and has no tail because once I add it to my quilt block, I will embellish it with stitches and beads and bows - you know cqer's just have to embellish, embellish, embellish!
As for another project I have started (or restarted I should say), here is a picture of the fabric/paper/collage type journal/book I am beginning. I took Nellie Wortman's Fabric Journal online class with Creative Workshops at Shabby Cottage Studios and really want to dive into creating one of my own.  I again took a digital image that I created from some of the art I have, framed it with a vintage grunge frame, printed it out and glued it to a vintage cabinet card.  It will then be layered on to a couple of old book covers and fabric and lace pieces to be my journal/book cover.  I am sure that I will add some final elements/embellishments to it once I complete the inside pages and see where I am going.  The inside pages will take a while, but I will share them as I struggle through the process.
I spent today playing a lot with digital images - it is  magical stress reliever for me :-)   Thought I would post this one I worked on.  You are welcome to use her in your art if you like her.  (oops, forgot to add her on the first post, but here ya go)

Glimmers of Faith

"When thou prayest, rather let thy heart be without words than thy words be without heart."   John Bunyan

The power of prayer lies not in what words are spoken, but in the conviction of heart behind the words, no matter how clumsy or awkward the expression. 

A prayer is nothing more than a person-to-person call to God, and God always answers on the first ring.  He answers.  We may not see the big picture as He does, so we may not understand or feel the answer in the time and way we expect, but know He answers!

We often hear people say that "all I can do is pray for you".   But, prayer is the most powerful and loving thing we can do in any circumstance.  Let us stop in our busy days more and give prayers of thanks, prayers for healing, prayers for peace for our loved ones, our country and our world - wouldn't that put a smile on the face of God; for Him to see Heaven's switchboard totally light up!

Be blessed, till next time!


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