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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What a title huh?  Are you like me, are you one of those people who want to do just about everything?  I see so many ways to be creative and learn dreamy things that sometimes I don't know which way to turn.  I guess you have seen this with my "addiction" to classes; online, as well as, workshops around the country.  I want to dabble in everything I see - it all fascinates me.  I just don't know how to narrow down my interests.  You can just imagine the challenge I have in organizing my studio work space!  Paint in one spot, sewing in another, jewelry making over there, and yes, the computer in the middle of it all.  What's a girl to do?  Have fun, play and be thankful for the opportunity to explore, dabble and learn!

I have finished two canvasses with the techniques I am learning in Christy Tomlinson's, SheArt Workshop.  OMG - it is so much fun - you just keep going and going - embellishment is the name of the game - texture, texture, texture.  I showed you the beginnings of the first canvas "Tickled Pink" and here it is finished.  Can you see that the dress is 3-dimensional?  It was fun to experiment and I hope I become more accomplished as I practice making more of these and find my own subject of expression.

The earth laughs in flowers which tickles me pink!
You can see here the depth and texture of using modeling paste.
The second canvas (in the blue/brown tones) is called "Most Extraordinary".  I still have things to learn - I am a mess with the rub-ons!  It seems that if you press unconsciously with the heal of your hand while rubbing the item you want on your image,  you get little rubbed surprise tidbits and these are not always easy to get off.  I am also learning when I can and can NOT us my Faber Castell black pens - they don't seem to like surfaces that have been treated with some mediums - so trial and error there.  I also have a heck of a time getting all my little words lined up - they want to fly away on my pudgy little fingers.  And, I am learning when to stop and give the piece a coat of medium so that the next layer will lay down properly and not mix into what I have done when I am happy with a layer.  Like, if I put down some blue paint for example and I want it to stay blue, I need to put down a coat of medium before I begin to paint with another color so the colors won't mix, but just lay upon one another or next to each other independently.  It is hard to be happy with the piece most of the way through and then do something at the very end that you are not thrilled with - like the black outlining on my text in this one...not the best, and I should have done the text a bit bigger...next time... I am learning and these are just my first pieces.  Trying to be patient with myself.
It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.
I have begun my class in Photoshop Essentials and am really enjoying it a lot - lots to learn there.  I have already gotten some valuable tips and techniques to apply to my images.  I recently purchased a Nikon D300s camera with a fairly standard 18-200mm lens to practice my photography.  I am definitely a "beginner" there as well.  Next I will need a macro lens (DH, are you listening :-) to get up close and personal with things and lots of interesting little details.  Kim Klassen suggested I download a field guide on the Nikon to refer to as I go out and begin to take more "artsy" photos.  I downloaded the guide to my Kindle so that I can tuck it in my purse and have it on hand when out and about.

Week 1 of Boho Bliss with Deryn Mentock just began as well.  This is a class on how to make some delicious earrings.  I have taken online jewelry classes with Deryn before and she is an excellent teacher;  she explains all the steps involved in detail and shows them well in her videos.  The first thing we will learn to make are our own custom ear wires - how cool is that?

One of the beautiful blogs I visit almost daily is "The Feathered Nest" by Dawn..  As her blog name would indicate, her art includes all things related to birds and nests with a lovely vintage touch.  I purchased the most adorable framed nest with quail eggs from her - its background is done completely in vintage text and it just eludes a peaceful feeling when you look at it.  Stop by her blog and enjoy all her beautiful work.  She also put me onto some great seam binding ribbon.  I just got my first order in and am so happy with it, I have placed another order.  It is rayon ribbon, comes in a ton of luscious colors and the price is excellent.  Check it out here:  Zipper Stop.  Here is a sample of what I got.  From top to bottom:  amber brown, cream, aquarelle, black, and leadville.  It will be useful in so many different projects from mixed media to ribbon embroidery.

Thought you might enjoy seeing these two who you were introduced to last post; Bleu and Quincy.  They have become the best of friends - it is so fun to watch them together.  Quincy (the Yorkie) loves to sleep curled up in Bleu's big fluffy tail.
I like to snuggle here.
It also makes a great chew toy.
Then a nap...

What's an Ewok?
Glimmers of Faith-

Complaining; do you have a positive or a negative attitude?  I have to say that I am feeling very convicted lately on this one.  I am doing a Bible study on complaining/grumbling and what God has to say about it.  Do you have that person in your life, who when you see them coming down the aisle in Wal-Mart, you want to turn and run away because you know all you will hear is complaints or negativity?  I believe we have all been in that circumstance.  But, are we THAT person sometimes?  Do people ever want to run away from us?  What about the Lord?  What does he feel about our complaining or negative attitude.  OMG, I am learning how my complaining affects everything in my life - it hurts me, it hurts God and it hurts the people around me.  What if the Israelites had had a grateful attitude even as they began their journey in the desert, after being delivered from Egyptian slavery, instead of grumbling all the time, would history have been different for them?   God got so tired of hearing their complaints that he had them wander in the desert until all those who were over 20 years of age had died before allowing them to enter the promised land.   I know I can really relate to the Israelites, especially when I am facing, what to me, are difficult circumstances.  It is easy for me to grumble about things.  But, if we will stand in faith, on the promises of God, knowing that He is in control, He is working all for our best interest - then we don't have a thing to complain about do we?   I hope through this study to change my attitude with God's help.  There are so many scriptures in the Bible that teach us to continually thank God for everything, what He provides,  His lovingkindness, for all those things which we take for granted; and, ultimately the sacrifice of His son for our salvation.  Gratitude is to show that a kindness received is valued and appreciated.  God wants our gratitude and He, more than anyone in all of creation, deserves it.   Gratitude can be a spontaneous response to a kindness received, but I am learning that gratitude can also be a disciplined way of living.  We can learn to make a conscious effort to show gratitude and sincere thankfulness to our Lord - I hope to.  I hope to make it a habit that before my feet hit the floor in the morning, I am thanking Him.  I know this will take practice and determination, but I know He will be there with me all the way!  Join me in learning to leave complaining behind and changing our attitude to one of thankfulness in all things.

Philippians 4:6-7   Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

May God bless your attitude of gratefulness,


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