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Friday, December 7, 2007

First, I would like to thank my friend, Allie, for all her encouragement. Encouragement regarding my blogging and my journey with my parents.

I think I am making progress on both counts, but each day has had unusual adventures and hurdles. I am tired at the end of each day, but it is a good tired. Today was filled with hospital visits, getting groceries, meals, etc. so I am dragging about now. Dad had a rough start this morning, but got him feeling much better as the day progressed. Mom not doing as well, she is still in a lot of pain and the test she had at the hospital today was excruciating for her. Experiencing this with my folks makes me wonder about the times when they must have watched with trepidation as I learned to ride my first bicycle or experienced my first broken heart. I am sure they wanted to lift those burdens from me as I would like to lift these burdens from them. Right now, all we can do is work together with God's grace to walk this walk.

Unfortunately, not much literary or entertaining offerings tonight...the brain is on shut down after such an active day. It is supposed to rain all weekend here so we will stay in and I hope to have more time to blog. I really find I am enjoying it quite a bit. I haven’t been able to do any hand sewing either, but maybe on these rainy days? Hope you will join me this weekend.

However, I do have a couple of items that I wanted to show you. With Christmas fast approaching here are a couple of ideas for fairly quick, but elegant gifts. I found this beautiful musical jewelry box at a cross-stitch shop and decided to fill in the top area with 3-dimensional silk ribbon embroidery instead of cross-stitch. I added some pretty fabric, rolled silk ribbon roses, some pieces of lace motifs, beads and some crystals (which don't really show in the photos) and voila, a gift to give any favorite lady family member or friend.

Here's another gift idea. And, I love to do these. Again, these little gems are found mostly at cross-stitch shops. They are porcelain boxes from Framecraft. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. I like to have some of these on hand as they are easy to fill with an embroidery design for a nice gift.

Hope these couple of ideas inspire you. I know this time of year, we are always looking for those special little gifts we can pull together.

Mom is already in her jammies and I am fast behind all a good night!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Dang, Julie, this ribbonwork is so beautiful. I sure wish we had had time in Houston for you to give me some pointers...
Thanks for the link to the little pillboxes, etc, too. Neat idea!

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