Foggy Day

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Good Saturday morning - let's see, is it still morning...yep. This pic above is Bugsy. He is the dog of a friend of mine and I just love this pose. Don't ya just feel like this sometimes?I took this shot off the deck this morning to show you what kind of weather we are having and why we will be staying all snuggled in at home today. We are on a mountain top and when I have a chance, I will take a pic to show you how far you can see down the mountain valley and the lake below on a pretty day.
Here is a recent snap of my DH and me here in Ark. at Mount Magazine State Park. This was just before Thanksgiving. Since we are from Texas, a little cool weather is very refreshing to us and so although the temps were in the 50's and 60's, we were still in short sleeves and shorts. Mount Magazine is on top of the highest mountain in Ark. We were out most of the afternoon 4-wheelin' and we had so much fun. We rented these Artic Cats and did have a guide with us so don't be too alarmed :-) It was definitely a treat for us "flatlanders"!
Thought I would show you the immediate family. This was taken at Thanksgiving at my brother and sil's beautiful home (well, I call it the Texas TajMahal). Left to right front row: Mom, my DH, my SIL Ita, my brother, Gayle. Back row left to right: my son, Jason, my Dad, me, my son, Jeremy. My boys are twins - born five minutes apart, but are quite different in every way. I can hardly believe that they will be 29 soon. They bring so much joy to my life as any mother knows, but where oh where does the time go!

Ok, off to change sheets on the beds and all those other wonderful household chores awaitin'!


Pat Winter said...

Hi Jules! Great to see you have a blog! Lovely family you have. I will add you to my sidebar so I can visit with ease.

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