More Surprises and Getting Ready to Go

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have you gotten your new Quilting Arts magazine? Mine came in a few days ago. Although I am first and foremost a crazy quilter, I just love to explore the art and creativity of others. Isn't it just amazing the ideas that people come up with and then to be able to express those ideas and emotions in some craft - truly amazing! They also have a companion magazine this month, Gifts, which has some neat ideas. The quilt that inspired the front cover of the Quilting Arts magazine has a really unique story behind it and really makes the quilt come more alive for you.

I mentioned two surprises. The first is this pair of beautiful Christmas tree earrings. My dear friend, Barbara, made them for me for my birthday. (Isn't it great when your birthday just keeps on going like the EverReady Bunny?) These are made with flat crystals of graduated sizes and a complimentary bead for the top star and the base. Have I mentioned how blessed I am with wonderful, amazing and gracious friends? Well, Tuesdays are Bee days. We have a sewing bee that meets every Tuesday, all day. Yep, all day. We just love to sew and chat and have show-n-tell. Since I was getting ready for my trip, I was not able to stay today, but I did get lots of hugs and well wishes to wrap around me while I am gone.

My second surprise (and also birthday related) are these yummy cupcakes. My DH just walked in with these, don't they smell delightful? I would definitely offer you one if you were here - maybe even two. He made them himself. He had tried making me a birthday cake on my birthday last week, but inadvertently added too much liquid and it turned into a true "dump cake" - it was dumped in the garbage. So he was determined, evidently, to make me my "cake" in the form of these cute cupcakes before I left for my folks. What a sweetie - my DH!

No time for eye-candy of the fabric kind today. Today was filled with laundry, errands, packing, etc. I leave early tomorrow morning for Arkansas, about a nine hour drive. I am only taking about half the house; seriously, half the house. You know the drill. Warm clothing for possible cold weather, clothing in case it gets warmer, items to work on of the UFO variety, books, Christmas cards in case I have time to address them, my preferred breakfast foods and drinks, etc. I always tend to take too much, but I like to have choices and being a woman, that is one of my inalienable rights.

I thought you might enjoy seeing my folks; an extraordinary couple. The pic on the left was taken at their senior high school dance in 1942. Yep, they have been together forever. Actually, pretty much since grade school. The pic on the right was on their 60th wedding anniversary two years ago. Aren't they just the cutest?

Now, early to bed, early to rise......


Allison Ann Aller said...

They are indeed darling.
Love your mom's dress at that dance, too!
Blessings on your journey....

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