Beginning the New Week

Monday, December 3, 2007

Here we are starting a new week. I hope everyone is starting refreshed and renewed and I hope you receive and give lots of smiles today.

I got a lovely surprise in the post today. My dear friend, Jane sent me this wonderful hand-made birthday card. She sent me a card on my birthday last week, but it was what we lovingly term "store bought" which is fine, but oh how I love hand-crafted things and I am so happy she took the time to make me this lovely card. Jane sells Stampin Up stamps and makes the most wonderful cards. The charm on it can be used on a bracelet or a project. Isn't it adorable? There is a little bird in the birdhouse. Jane is also a most accomplished quilter and although she is what I term a "sane" quilter (vs. crazy quilter) she is a very special friend and has much to do with my entry into the quilting world.

Something else I received recently from my friend, Allie, are these beautiful woven tidbits. They are just wonderful. Lots of colors and textures. Allie made a gorgeous bag with some of hers. I am not sure what I will do, but I will let you be the first to see! Thank you Allie! Allie has been an online friend for quite some time. She has a great blog with lots of eye candy. I was fortunate enough to meet her and spend time with her at the Houston Quilt Market last month.

Yesterday I mentioned a trip to Wichita with some of my crazy quilting buddies. Well here is a couple of pics. The one on the left was taken at 5 AM in the morning as we are getting on the road. Pretty spry for that early in the morning, huh? Well, don't look now, but that girl on the far left has her shirt on backwards! Yep, it wasn't until we stopped for breakfast about two hours later that a waitress noticed my shirt was on backwards....I told you I wasn't a morning person :-) Then, there we are outside Attic Heirlooms with Julie Craig. Left to right; Jan, Julie, Julie, Linda and Barbara. We had such a good time. Road trips are the best!

Thought I would end up today's post by showing you a book journal I made. It is my first attempt and I was pleased. This was made with fabric, bookboard, and PVA glue. I painted some manila folder paper with acrylics and lumiere for the inside front and back and just used plain paper for the inserts on this one. It gave me a good feel for how to do them and I plan on doing lots more with different paper inserts and lots of embellishments.

I am off to get ready for my class tonight. Yes, as I said, I love classes. This one is for the heart and soul. It is Bible Study Fellowship International. This is my fifth year to attend and I can't believe I ever got along without it. It is free and provides wonderful lessons and study. In seven years, you complete the Bible, but most everyone keeps on going because it is so uplifting. They have classes all over the world and they are all studying the same thing each week so if you travel, you can still find a class.


Allison Ann Aller said...

I can just imagine how much fun you girls had on that road trip. I would love to see Julie's store someday, too. She is so talented.

Love your homemade journal of my goals for 2008 is to start keeping a visual journal. Yours would seem too pretty for sketching and scrapping in, though!

I have a friend who sells "Stamping Up" stuff, and she has a "Stamp Camp" for us every 6 weeks or so, where we get to use the new products making cards. It is really fun.

Glad to see all those woven bits here! Hope they are airing out o.k.... ;-)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Julie, I just tagged you for a meme on my blog....go have a look. I hope you will play along!

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