Friday, December 21, 2007

OMG, I am HOME! God brought me safely home.

I have learned one thing rather quickly this morning - my folks are on DSL and I live out in the boonies so I just have high (subject to definition) speed satellite. Well, I could just whiz on the DSL! This high speed is quite a bit slower :-( But here we go...

Yesterday was a very long day. I took my time on my way home as there were quite a number of holiday travelers on the road. While going through Hot Springs, my car practically drove itself to the spot below. This is a favorite place of mine that I visit almost every time I go see my folks in Hot Springs. I have been visiting it for almost 20 years! I pick up a couple of items each time - beautiful pottery. This pottery place is on a cut-through to town which we take and while taking Dad to the doctor last week, I was concentrating on the traffic, getting his favorite station on the radio, etc. and all of a sudden Dad said so seriously - "oh, Julie, we need to put our hand over our hearts as we pass". Well I couldn't imagine what was going on until we came upon the Fox Pass Pottery sign just then. Yes, Dad is quite a character!

It is set back a ways from the road. The couple who run the shop are named Larkin and have beautiful pieces of utilitarian pottery as well as art. If you are ever in Hot Springs, Arkansas, do stop by, it is well worth it. Oh yeah, and while you are there, check out their bathroom - it is so unique. He did everything int he bathroom; the sink, the counter, the mirror, with his pottery and artistic flair and it is so appealing.

Here I am on my way out of the mountains in Ark. I have crossed Lake De Gray and am on my way back to Texas.

Below, it is sunset and I am back in the Texas flatland, but have three hours yet to go! Ugh! The last three hours of my drive were pure torture - I was soooo tired.
I took the somewhat blurry pic as I was driving (don't tell anyone I was multi-tasking in such a way!) - coming into Houston and its night skyline. Houston has a beautiful skyline, although this "unique" picture doesn't really show that. You will just have to come to Houston and see for yourself.

My DH greeted me with hugs, kisses, and a nice meal he had picked up from a local Italian place - stuffed cheese tortellini covered with a seafood cream sauce ( shrimp, crawfish, etc.) mmmmm, good.
Then it wasn't long before I "dove" into bed for a long snooze; only after an acceptable amount of time hugging Emma ( the dog) and saying hello to JJ (the parrot) of course!

Today has started with the obligatory unpacking, cleaning, etc. My DH "cleaned" before I came home, which is really sweet and VERY much appreciated. Of course, we ladies know that a man's idea of clean and ours is a bit different so, today I will be happily cleaning up after his cleaning up. I promise to get back to sewing as soon as I am able and will be posting my creative discovery journey each step of the way. Till next time - have a blessed day!


Allison Ann Aller said...

A big welcome home!

I enjoyed the detour to the pottery studio, too.... ;-)

Wayne's Mom said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Fox Pass Pottery. It's a great place, as is Dryden Pottery, just off Central Ave.

Recently geographer Warren Bland named Hot Springs, Ark. the No. 1 place in America to retire.

I gotta admit, Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to live, even for those of us who aren't yet retired.

To see short video clips from Hot Springs, check out SpaVlogger.

Rebecca McCormick,
Travel Journalist, Hot Springs Village Voice

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