Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today is a pretty day. This photo shows the clouds sitting in the valley above the lake. Isn't it pretty? They have lifted now, this was early this morning. I am really thankful for the sunny day. The caregivers started today and are getting acquainted with Mom and Dad and I will be packing soon. I will return home tomorrow and am really looking forward to seeing my DH. Back on the road for that nine hour drive - I will be taking my time as I expect many holiday travelers on the road along with me. I am a bit anxious, but know I must hand their daily care over to God and the caregivers and go home to get some rest.
My (sewing) Bee ladies had a big party yesterday at home - they along with another group called the Nifty Knitters had a luncheon to celebrate the 90th birthday for one of the ladies in the Nifty Knitters, and of course, Christmas. I got a full report and it sounded like quite a day! I have dearly missed my friends and sewing - in that order!

It will be wonderful to get a big hug from my DH and get a sewing needle in my hands again.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Those pleasures will be all the sweeter because you have so richly earned them...
Have a safe and beautiful trip back home!

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