Back in the Saddle Again!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yeah! I am home and back in the saddle again! Isn't it funny how you sleep so much better at home? I am cleaning and organizing in my studio space - stitching a bit, and doing some other odds and ends. I don't know if I have ever mentioned that in addition to the many other things I do, I am the Association Registrar for the Brazosport Youth Soccer Association. We have six soccer clubs in our Association and usually have between 2400-2800 kids. The spring is not as busy for me as the fall months, but tournaments are revving up and a bit of my time must be devoted to that as well as my personal activities. So this morning was involved with releases, transfers, player cards and updating rosters.

If you have read my blog for very long, you know that each time I visit Hot Springs, Ark. I have to stop by Fox Pass Pottery. This time was No exception. My DH and I stopped by Fox Pass on the way out of town and we had a delightful time purchasing some items and getting a tour from Mr. Larkin the owner and potter. He showed us his studio, glazing room, and all his kilns and was a fascinating tour and makes me appreciate even more, the time and talent that goes into each piece. I just love the earthy texture and beautiful colors. He explained about the chemical combinations of his glazes and things he has learned over the years about changing up these equations (yep, flew way over my head, but my DH is a chemist so they were on the same wave length). Mr. Larkin majored in chemistry and combines his love for chemistry with his talent for "playing with clay". He actually mixes his own clay, his own glazes and has a real understanding of how each of his kilns (two brick gas ones and one large Japanese style wood burning kiln) work to produce nuances in the pieces he does. Here is a snapshot of the pieces I purchased this trip. I like to just go into his shop and see what he has on the shelves and mix and match. There is everything from decorative pieces; lamps, wall sconces, etc. to fully functional; dishes, mugs, glasses, bowls, etc. I definitely recommend stopping by when you are in the area.

Woohoo, at the moment, I have an Atomic Fireball in my mouth! Remember these? We got a jar of them at a Cracker Barrel in Ark. - they had all kinds of candy from the good ol' days. Talk about hot!

I got a small package in the mail today from Anna Nowicki. Anna is a textile artist in the United Kingdom. I ran across her blog, Serendipity and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Her work is very inspiring. She had an ATC challenge going, so, I signed up! She sent a number of buttons and unusual washers and I am to create an ATC using some of them to send to her by the end of March. This should be fun!

I finished sewing all the lace on my memory pages and will show those to you before long. That took quite a while and I was ready to do something else and clear my head a bit. A couple of ladies in an online group I belong to were showing off their lovely cabochon molds, so I decided to get out some I had made not long ago and begin painting them. I started with my Twinkling H20s. Once they have dried, I will see if they need anything further like Pearl-X powders - we'll see. The Twinkling H20s are water colors with mica added for a little glisten and sparkle which is hard to see in these photos. I will try to get some pics outside in the daylight tomorrow and see if they show up better...Twinkling H20s are a lot of fun.
Just some thoughts on prayer that are on my heart today. Things that I need to heed and that I would like to share with you. Have you ever heard of the term "P U S H"? (pray until something happens). It is so easy to not persevere in prayer - you know, let the world and a crazy schedule take over and let our prayers and communing with God slide. I am definitely guilty of this and before long, I am really missing my communication with God. I begin to feel unsettled and anxiety appears. It is also easy for us to to have our own expectations regarding the outcome of our prayers; sometimes to the degree that we may not even know that our prayer has been answered because we are not in fellowship with God as we should be. Yep, guilty again! My focus is so easily distracted. The answer to our prayer may be something different than we expected, it may be no, it may even exceed our expectations. God answers our prayers according to His character and His will for our good. And, whether we believe it or not, we don't always know what is best for us, but God does.
Jesus prayed often and fervently while He was here on Earth; it provided Him with strength and guidance from God the Father. Our prayers can do the same - they carry power and love from our very soul. We often hear someone say, "well, all I can do is pray". But prayer is not the least you can do, it is a great and wonderful spiritual gift. It is one of the greatest things we can do for someone and ourselves. Prayers from a humble heart going straight to the ears of God! We are so fortunate to have a living, personal God. In its full New Testament meaning prayer is addressed to God as the Father, in the name of Christ as Mediator, and through the enabling grace of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Here are some attributes of prayer outlined in many areas of the Bible:
  • Adoration. Offered to God alone, a response to His infinite holiness, majesty and perfection. Praising Him for who He is.
  • Confession. Confessing our own sinfullness and inadequacy to approach Him apart from the merit of Jesus Christ.
  • Intercession. Prayer on behalf of others - those in danger, sickness, or crisis.
  • Petition. Requests made to God, showing our dependence on God for every gift of physical life and spiritual grace.
  • Thanksgiving. Thanks given to God for daily food and sustenance and the multitude of blessings we enjoy and receive from Him.

Phil 4:6-76 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. NIV


Ready Maid said...

THanks for the reminder about Fox Pass Pottery. I've lived in Hot Springs for nearly six years, and have seen their work displayed at various places, but have not taken time to visit the shop.I'll do that.

Your handiwork is beautiful...almost like a prayer.

Allison Ann Aller said...

The colors you are putting on your cabs are just beautiful!
As always, a thoughtful post...

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