Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Well, I have to say that for the most part, St. Patrick's Day got passed me - just zipped right by. I didn't wear green or go to a parade. Pretty bad for someone who is half Irish. My Irish ancestors, the Carnahans, were a grand group - most of them passed on now. So I will just tip my hat and smile remembering the twinkle in their eyes and their rosy cheeks - nice memories. I suppose that is what St. Patty's Day is all about - good memories and cheer!

I stayed pretty busy in my sewing room today. My DH has been putting together two chest of drawers we purchased. (I helped put on the knobs at least!) They have six drawers each (that's the REALLY important part - drawers/storage!) and I intend to put them back-to-back with a top across the whole thing - leaving a space between them so that I can get my knees in for sitting to sew or paint. As you can see we are still working on this and the sewing room itself...little by little. We don't have the backs on the chests, but you get the idea...a new top will be put across the whole thing, but there will be spaces on each side where I can sit and have room for my knees. The piece will also be on casters so I can move it to the side when needed. It will be kind of a movable work island. So....my studio is a mess as you can see, but it has given me an opportunity to start re-organizing some things - yet again (seems to be a recurring activity especially in my sewing room).

I made my very first ATC today. It was for the challenge for Anna Nowicki and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see where these might become addictive. The theme for this one is "saucy lady"..... a french dress mannequin figure with chili peppers, french writing and a touch of some musical note fabric. I did some free-motion stitching in red (this is definitely not my forte, but I tried) and then I couched down some copper/metallic yarn that I dribbled around. I added the buttons and washers that were mandatory and some beads for fun. I backed it with the chili pepper fabric and just made a small name tag that I fused on. Sorry the colors aren't the best in this picture....the background has more golden browns.

I finished painting all my cabs - that took a while, but was a lot of fun. I added art glitter to some and pearlX powders and then a clear matt coat finish. These will be fun to use on journal covers and other projects. These were so easy to do using the Crayola Model Magic. I am going to try some sculpy clay next.

I got all my lace around the inner pages, fronts and backs. I also did a decorative gold metallic stitch around the outside edges of all my memory pages. That took quite a while - stitching will gold metallic thread and getting the "happiest" tension setting for a decorative stitch - OMG. I haven't gotten brave enough yet to put in the grommets, but that is coming! I want to add some more color or something to the pages to give them all a more vintage appearance - paint? - stitched vines and roses? - beads? I am waiting for inspiration to wrap its arms around me on that one. I also have yet to design the front cover...that's on the "to do" list.

Tomorrow is Sewing Bee day and I will keep you apprised - there is always something cooking!

For now, take a gander at these beautiful blocks that will comprise the Breast Cancer Wallhanging the online group I am involved with is putting together this year. They are not all in yet, but those that are, are just amazing. The wallhanging will surely give encouragement, hope, and joy to all who see it at the hospital where it will reside.

One of the devotionals I read today talked about judging. This subject has long been a hard one for me to grasp. Seems like there are two sides to that coin so to speak. If we are to be humble and merciful - how can we judge others? Doesn't the bible say....judge not, lest ye be judged? But in studying Matthew, commentary and devotionals on the subject of judging - I am learning to distinguish the subtleties in the "judging" Jesus spoke about and understand my responsibility in each of those subtleties. Obviously we should not ignore and tolerate evil. Does loving our neighbor that may be doing wrong mean we must confront him? I must admit I don't like confrontation any more than the next guy, but in reading the scriptures, it becomes obvious that God may require us to confront serious error and sin instead of walking away and ignoring it. Or, have you ever been on the receiving end? Has someone called you down on something they felt you were doing wrong? The keys to these situations = love and forgiveness. If God asks you to confront a neighbor - let it be from a humble and loving heart. When we judge (confront) other people self-righteously, they will respond to us in the same way. If God has sent someone to confront you - listen with a humble and loving heart. Both of these are so hard and I work on them daily, I stumble and start over again. As I said, I don't like confrontation - taking the risk that someone will get angry with me and maybe lose that relationship. Then on the flip side, it is very hard for me to hold my tongue, when someone is confronting me. But if I remember to ask for God's help in these circumstances, He comes, He guides, He gives me peace even when my first inclination is to turn and run or to get angry. With loving confrontation, God is planting a seed either in the other person or our own heart - a seed that will ultimately bring forth blessings.
"For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you"


Stephanie said...

Jules, I just love those pages. Are these the ones Barbara was also working on a few years ago that you all were exchanging? How wonderful! Even more impressive if you did them all. they look beautiful.

isaray said...

I just love your blog, and the way you bring our Lord Jesus into everything, love reading your thoughts on the word.

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