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Thursday, March 20, 2008

(L-R: Lynnis in black shirt, Dolores, {my seat with laptop}, Maureen, Melanie's out of pic on rt., Lynn, Linda, Barbara, Jan and Chris)

It is hard to believe how fast the days and weeks are moving by. My Crazy Bee group met Tuesday and we had a lot of fun. We had a large attendance and all I can say is - it is definitely not something a man could do. There are at least eight conversations going on at once and often the conversations change in mid stream, different projects going from dying ribbon to quietly stitching, working on a laptop to beading, and everyone has to know what everyone else is working on so as not to miss anything! It is a flurry of energy and laughter. Here are a couple of shots - one of the group getting to work. Another is Barbara, Lynnis, Jan and Linda trying to untangle some silk ribbon they purchased in bulk and wanted to split - this became quite entertaining indeed! And another of Barbara showing Lynnis the new E-book from Pam Kellogg she just purchased. We also did a group buy (through one of our very sweet members, Maureen) of this stitch book, Quilt Savvy Embroidery Stitches and it is really great! We tend to have this thing of having to have anything the other one does - so if one person finds something interesting...we all follow along.

I have had little chance to do much in the way of sewing - I have been working on articles for CQMagOnline, which will be out toward the middle of April. (Hint: There will be lots of fun things to see and learn) And all day Wednesday, my DH and I bbq'd chicken, sausage, and beans for our last Revelation Lenten study. Well, in truth, DH did most of it - I was there for support and a little assistance here and there - I would make a really good Vanna White! I posted my ATC to Anna Nowicki today and am eager to get some feedback from her, this being my first ATC. Thanks Judith in NZ for your sweet comments on it! It is so nice to have encouragement!

I was sitting here at the computer today working on articles when the mail man honked...you know what that means - a package! Much to my delight I received a package from Stephanie Novatski, an online friend I have had the pleasure of meeting once and have been chatting and sharing techniques and images with for several years. She is an amazing artist and OMG, you should see her doll creations. Everything she touches turns to gold! Just check out her blog I have listed to the left (Novablossoms). I had asked her about some caricature pins she made in a class she held not to long ago and she graciously offered to send me some kits. OMG, not only did I get some kits, but she made a likeness of me!!!! It resulted in me shouting out loud with glee, "I just love my face!" (and let me tell you, that is something you would normally never hear me say!) I plan to wear it this Sunday as my DH and I begin teaching Sunday School.

It is a wonderful likeness and caricature - isn't it great? She also sent me a bag of squishies - some beautiful pieces of silk, some fabric paper she has made (bless her heart - I had asked her if I was on the right track with what I was doing and she sent me some examples - I am so visual, this will really help me and be fun to use as well), some trim, some yarns, a couple of cabochons she made, and two gorgeous stitched out dragonflies from her embroidery machine. All I can say is WOW! What fun it will be using each and every piece and thinking of Stephanie as I do. I am hoping some of her wonderful talent will rub off of these pieces into my meek little hands :-) Thanks so much Stephanie - I will so enjoy using all this and I will treasure my caricature pin!

Well today is Maundy Thursday. It is a time we remember the last supper of Christ with His disciples before His Crucifixion so we went to a lovely communion service at church tonight - OMG the music was so moving and beautiful. I just love the music, it speaks directly to your heart! The focus was on Christ's sacrifice for us, our confession of faith, and God's assurance of victory! Obviously, Christ put His faith in God the Father, even when He knew He would suffer. He trusted God. He obeyed God and stayed in His will, not His own. How blessed we are for His obedience, love and commitment. We have salvation and eternal life because of the cross and Christ's Resurrection. Two gentlemen portrayed two characters from the last supper at the service tonight - Peter and Judas. They gave testimony to what Peter and Judas might have been thinking that scandalous night when Jesus was taken away to be crucified. Peter denied Christ three times much to his own surprise and horror. Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver to give Christ up to the guard. Both these men had been in Christ's inner circle, followers and witnesses to His love, power and teachings. Can you imagine how they each felt when things totally seemed to fall apart and their "King, Their Savior, Their Teacher" was marched away to the cross? How would my faith stand this test if I had been there?

Something my pastor said recently really hit home with me, "the more of God we know on earth, the more joy we will experience in heaven when we meet Him - we grow in Christ to prepare to spend eternity with Him". I just love that! Imagine the joy of feeling such a fellowship with Christ. My pastor gave the example of getting to meet a famous person that maybe you knew one thing about - OK, maybe it would be a little exciting. But what if this person you were going to meet had a list longer than your arm of amazing accomplishments, wonderful attributes, charisma, generosity and power. Wouldn't you perk up a bit to meet this person if you knew all that about them? Well, it is the same with Christ. The more you learn, the more you love, and the more excited you are to be a child of God!



Barbara said...

WOW Julie...what a treasure you have. Isn't Stephanie the sweetest and most thoughtful friend? I've always said when I grow up I want to be just like her! She is a true artist.

I know you will enjoy this wonderful gift. I'll be thinking about you on your first day of teaching Sunday School. How fortunate your church is to have you and John. Your lives are a true reflection of God's love and grace.

Judith said...

Jules, I so enjoy seeing the pictures of your Tuesday group and hear of the things you all get up to.
I justlove your face brooch. Stephanie has more talents oozing out her pores than most of us will ever see. She has done a wonderful job and it is going to be a great talking point with the children in your Sunday school class. And all your beautiful treasures, God is so good and what goes around comes around. You give and you get given too. I love God and his sense of humour. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Be thinking of you both and praying for you on Sunday.
Lots and lots of blessings

Judy Morphis said...

Jules, I always check your blog to see what wonderful things you are doing and to be inspired by your Bible studies. Stephanie is still doing delightful creations. May your Easter be blessed.

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