Yeah - rain!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well, tropical storm, Eduoard, came ashore and fortunately, he was a pretty friendly guy. There has been minimal damage where he came inland and we have received some much needed rain here on the Texas coast.

I want to thank friends, old and new, who have left comments on my blog saying that it is good to have me back and giving me encouragement...thank you, thank you! Touching the lives of others gives such light to our souls and it is a pleasure to share with you and learn from you.

Today, as you can see, I have added a video clip from God Tube here and hope you will take a moment to view it. I find it quite profound and it really touches the heart. This video is my word of inspiration to you today....Christ lives, Christ loves, Christ saves!

I don't have any pictures today of anything I am working on, but I do have some good information to share. I recently found out that Carole Samples, a crazy quilter and teacher extraordinaire, has started a blog - you can find her here...Carole's Blog. I am fortunate to be taking a class later in the year in Wichita, Kansas at The Pink Bunny Quilt Shop from Carole, where I will be learning all about her templates and how to use them in crazy quilt stitch designs. Carole has a wonderful book of stitches, A Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches which goes hand in hand with her templates that I have had for quite some time. It will be such a treat to meet her and get tips and techniques from her on how she creates these wonderful stitch designs.

Here is a blog by Victoria Adams Brown of RibbonSmyth where she shares lots of tips and techniques for SRE, dying, etc. This is a must for crazy quilters and those who love silk ribbon!

For those of you who have an interest in mixed media and collage (and other art), I found a wonderful site (Creative Catalyst Productions) that offers instructional videos of great artists like Leslie Riley, Traci Bautista and Lisa Engelbrecht to name just a few. I am familiar with these particular artists because they often teach at the upcoming Houston International Quilt Show and I have been lucky enough to have taken classes from them. I have ordered several videos and just can't wait to receive and view them. What a wonderful tool to have with me at home to refer to over and over while working in my studio.

I have been dabbling a bit with silk screening and I will share that with you next time!


Kathy said...

The video was so profound. We are constantly in the power struggle with the things of the world, but there is One who can save us from the destruction.

I too was pleased to see Carole's blog and glad to see you posting again. Life does get busy at times, especially with children and the summer months.

Sea Angels said...

Hi Jules, I agree with Kathy the video was so profound. I alos really enjoyed your post, so very interesting. Oh and I adore the CD pin cushion that will have to be made asap. Yours are fabulous and I love them.
Please email me your email address and I can send you the image. No rush it's on my pen drive at work so it will be tommorow evening when I send it. I will try to keep it as large as possible so you can blow it up without it pixilating. I have a few others you may like, and I shall be looking for some new ones in the next few weeks so as I get them, I shall send them to you. Have fun with them
Hugs Lynn xx

Kathy said...

Jules, thanks for stopping by my blog. I forget to mention in my prior post that I really like your pin cushion, it is beautiful.

Susan said...

I love the video. We are *all* right there!

You are so lucky to be going to the retreat! We'll be gone from this part of the world by then, sadly. I love Carole's book, and her workbooks and her templates are just the best thing ever!

Candi said...

Thank you for posting the video it was wonderful!!

Sea Angels said...

I have so enjoyed your posts, I have added you to my new sites list. I hope you don't mind Jules, I have also added the music from your video as I thought it was so very beautiful. Again I must say the video was so moving, I believe it would be brilliant show to youngsters in school, so they can see how easily these things can happen to any of us...
Hugs Lynnxx

Sea Angels said...

Hi Jules I've just been looking at some photos, and came across those lovely one's that you sent to me. I hope you are well.
Hugs Lynn xx

Littleflame said...

Thanks for the video. Needed that. :)

Granny Fran said...

Hope everything is OK with you, I see you haven't posted for a while. You have a wonderful blog and that video was powerful. My granddaughter was with me when I played it and said it is one of the favorites of her youth group. I've been going thru some physical challenges lately, and know how that feels. I just started reading the book, "The Shack" that I'd read so much about and it is such an amazing blessing to me at this time.

Patricia said...

I am so glad I happened upon your blog. The video was needed tonight, thanks. I love seeing all your work, lovely. The CD pincushion is something I want to try right away, it's gorgeous. I'm new to CQ and silk ribbon embroidery and love it, so peaceful. Will be stopping back often. Thank you for sharing your work,

Jane said...

Hello Jules.. Read on another site that you had broken your ankle ??? When it seems like enough is enough... why must we receive more??? I hope you're on the mend soon!!! Because of your ankle I clicked on your blog to see what you've been up to, stumbled upon this video, watched it, and because of it and all it means, I've taken another look at my life.. a big LOOK..... Thank you soooo much Jules.... Miss you and your blog through these tuff times of yours.. In my thoughts and prayers you are !!!

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