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Sunday, January 11, 2009

OMG - This actually feels a bit weird because it has been so long. I am just popping in to write a short note to say that I will be blogging again soon. My family situation has had some major challenges that have needed a lot of my attention.

My folks retired to the mountains in Arkansas which is about 9 or 10 hours from me. They have happily lived there for quite some time, but when problems arose, it all seemed to come at one time and come crashing down. My father has Alzheimers and and after a recent surgery, the disease escalated quite a bit so I moved him nearer to me to be able to help with his care. This was a difficult decision and situation (removing him from home), but he is now in a specialized Alzheimer's facility about an hour away and doing well. He has very brittle diabetes requiring several shots of insulin a day and neuropathy in his legs and feet so he requires very individualized care. I have also arranged for my mother to be moved nearer to me as soon as a vacancy comes available in an independent living facility here ...then to clean out their house in the mountains and sell it. My mother's 90-year-old sister who lives in New Orleans, is also having many challenges as well. I am the only daughter, the only niece, soooo.... This picture is one of me and Dad during a recent visit. And, yes, I have been stress eating unfortunately, but am back on the diet wagon and doing my best to slough off those pounds.

Now, I have simply stated that all this has been going on, but for those of you who have faced caring for their parents and other family members, you know it is one of the most challenging experiences one can ever face (especially when our country's economy has been tanking!). It involves hours and hours of research, talking to social workers and attorneys, all kinds of paperwork, lots of time and money; and is extremely stressful to all involved. It can zap you physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc. before you know it. For those of you out there who are also facing similar circumstances - God bless you and be with you! I am so thankful that God is my rock and seeing me through each day along with the support and encouragement of wonderful friends. That is not to say that every day is peachy. I do have those weepy days when I just need a good, cleansing cry, (like when Dad waves good-bye when I leave him with tears rolling down his adorable pink cheeks), but God is there and helping me through it all. So, things are improving little by little - praise the Lord! And, in a strange, miraculous way, these relationships are even more special and precious - so there are blessings in every circumstance.

I certainly miss blogging and visiting with all my online friends and do hope to return to it soon. I haven't done much sewing, but do have a little to share and hope to get all the creative juices flowing again and get into a happy state of production. For now, I just want to say that I have missed you, belated Happy New Year, and see ya soon! BTW, the new issue of CQMagOnline will be out very soon and I have a few articles in it - one of them being an update on my visit to the November Houston International Quilt Market and Festival - so don't forget to check it out!

Happy Stitching!


FredaB said...

Hi Jules

It is so good to see you back. I never gave up on you and knew you would return. I am sorry for all you are going through but it seems as if you have a handle on it.

Will keep checking and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful handwork when you get a chance. I brought your beautiful needlebook down to Florida with me and showed it off to my sewing group. They were very impressed.

Also can't wait for the next issue of CQ Mag Online.



Thelma said...

Hi Jules,
My heart goes out for you in all that your going through. I am trying to remember if I saw you in Wichita.. I was in Caroles Class,,I had such a great time. But I met so many people I can't remember if I got to meet you. Where in Arkansas did your parents live? I used to live in Mt.View , been gone from there four about 4 years now. Lived there for about 10 years. Now back to look at your blog,,just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for taking on all the things that have to be done. We've been there, and I know what work it is. You have it multiplied, and I know how hard it is for you and your mother, too. Big hugs to you.

Patricia said...

Jules, I am so sorry you are facing these challenges. I only know you through your blog, but feel you are a friend. I'm taking care of my hubby who has been disabled and know what you mean about the hours of research to get the help you need. You are in my prayers,
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Stacy said...

Good to see you back here, Julie! Of course, I get to see you in person too, so I get it double good! Love you lots!!! --Stacy

Bob Hawkinson said...

Best wishes with helping your parents. I hope your father can gain some improved control with his diabetes to help stave off any more complications.

Jane Dunnewold said...

This was a wonderful post. Thanks for leaving a comment on Daily Visuals so I could find you!

Pat Winter said...

Welcome back Jules. I tagged you if you want to play. You don't have to, I know you are busy.

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Jules,
It is so nice you're back. I'm so sorry to hear about your family health problem, you're having hard times like me! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
Much Love,
Rengin, in Istanbul

Heidi said...

Hello Jules
I saw your blog today and was happy. 1: to find another believer who loves quilting. 2. another believer who knows BSF.
I am Swiss, living near Bern, belong to the Bernese Quilters. But first of all I belong to our father in heaven. We are Methodists. I attended BSF classes a few years in Bern.
I wish you strength, patience and all you need for your way with your parents. I can guess what you are in at the moment. Be blessed. Heidi

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