Getting Back in the Groove!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi there.  Yes, I feel I am getting back in the groove again.  Filling my time with creative efforts, as well as, all those other somewhat pertinent things like washing clothes, making beds, etc.  But, halleluia, I am once again trying to make sure I have a little creative nuturing of my soul in my studio each day if only for a few moments.

First I wanted to share the website for The Sketchbook Challenge.  I first saw info on this on Sue Bleiweiss' blog.  It looked interesting and I thought I would give it a try to get my creative juices flowing again.  I have had no formal training in drawing, painting, etc., but find it relaxing and really nice when I get into a flow.  I have just done some quick pencil sketches and added a bit of watercolor.  The theme for January is "highly prized".  Check out the website and see if it is something you might want to try.  You don't have to be a sketch artist by any means - it is just supposed to be whatever you would put in your sketchbook to help you creatively and it can be fabric, photos, drawings; whatever.  A person will be picked from "many" entries each month to receive some nice prizes, but just participating feels great!  Here are three of the "really quick" pencil sketches I have done on the theme of highly prized so far:

The first morning I tried my hand at sketching - I was in my studio studying my Bible - it was early, a dreary-looking winter day, and very quiet except for a lone bird singing outside my window.  That is what prompted this quick sketch.  The word and encouragement of God (not to mention the freedom indulge to indulge in such) and a bird singing a beautiful song (not to mention the ability to hear that song) are both things I highly prize.

This is sketch of me in my studio space, locked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world for a while to creatively nurture my soul.  Another thing that I highly prize...I love grabbing those moments.
As I get older, this is something I have really begun to highly prize; a good night's sleep.  It is not as easy as it used to be and it makes such a difference in my energy, attitude, strength and mental sharpness.  Yeah for a soft place to land each night and drift off to dream land.

I hope to be able to continue along with this Sketchbook Challenge and then take a look back at what I have done and felt as I traverse the challenge month to month.  It is also very interesting to see the other entries on their Flickr site - very inspiring and also has a nice feel of a connected community.

Another activity I have resumed is stitching for Johnathan's Ministry.  This is a Ministry through my local church that is about giving comfort and hope to families who have suffered the loss of a baby.  Their mission is to provide memory boxes to southeast Texas area hospitals.  These boxes include a tiny bag for hair clippings, a plaster kit for hand and foot prints, a disposable camera, a GUND teddy bear, and a handmade layette that includes two gowns, caps and receiving blankets. Nothing can really comfort the broken heart of someone who has lost an infant, but healing can happen, and joy can be found Christ.  Here are a couple of gowns I stitched up this week.

It is such a wonderful feeling to know you  may be touching the hearts of bereaved parents with something that will help in their moment of loss, as well as, help in their healing process.
If this is something you feel like you may be interested in, I urge you to contact your local hospital and see if their is a local ministry or a need you can help with your area.

Besides doing some sewing at home, a group of us got together this week to cut out gowns and begin stitching...

Now then, in my last post, I promised I would be posting some vintage pictures to share and here are a couple (just click to enlarge and then "save as" to your computer)...



Below is just a fun picture of my seven month old Great Pyr puppy, Bleu.  Today was a miserable rainy winter day, but he wanted to go out and play with our two bassett hounds and my DH gave in.  Within minutes he was no longer a nice fluffy white dog.....needless to say, he got a bath this evening :-)

With the beginning of this new year, I hope it is a new beginning for you to refresh your spirit as well.  Remember that God has already "redeemed" us if we are willing to accept His gift, His grace.  He will walk with you daily if you will seek Him.  May the Holy Spirit open  your heart to His call and may He deeply bless you!
Till next time,



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