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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello friends.  I hope this post f ind you well and your new year already filled with God's blessings.  I sure don't know how people post on their blogs everyday, I always have good intentions, know how busy life can be.  Anyway, I wanted to pop in and say that I am still here and I hope to be in my studio a lot more this year.  I have been tiding up, painting, and trying to organize some ufo's to dive into.  Yes, I organize a lot - although I am not sure I really "get organized".   I also wanted to remind you that the first 2011 issue of CQMagOnline will be out soon.  I have an article in it about these vintage baby-shoe pincushions I made for my "stitching sisters" of Bee Crazy.  Bee Crazy is a stitching Bee I have belonged to for some 10 years now and we stitch every Tuesday - ALL DAY!  It is wonderful!  And, we have become such wonderful friends.  If you have the opportunity to join a stitching or art group, I definitely recommend it.  OK, back to the baby are some pictures of a few I did.  In my web surfing, I found The Feathered Nest, an absolutely beautiful blog where she has tutorials on what she does with vintage baby shoes and many more fun projects.  I know she would love for you to visit.  How can anyone resist baby shoes!

I love making just about anything into a pincushion.  They make wonderful gifts and are fun just to decorate your sewing room.  Here are a few I have...
The Victorian shoe is actually my wedding shoe from 15 years ago, the little velvet tuffet is in a decorated altoid tin, the snail shell was a gift to me from Victoria Adams Brown of RibbonSmith, the walnut I purchased and want to try my hand at making one, the little brown velvet piece is a crystal salt cellar, the one behind it is a silver (yes, kept it tarnished) miniature goblet, and the large one is actually done with an old cd as the base for the cushion and then I put it on a crystal candle holder.  Recently I came by some large acorn tops and plan to made a pincushion with them - stay tuned!

As for UFO's, this is one of many I am trying to finish up.  This is a pin-weaving I started a while back and am just now adding some textural elements and such and hope to pronounce it finished very soon.  My husband says I never pronounce anything finished unless I just give it away - otherwise, I keep on adding and playing...
This year I hope to open many new doors of creativity.  I have already scheduled to attend a retreat outside of Austin, Texas with KC Willis, an online class from Shabby Cottage Studios, and a silversmithing class locally; not to mention, that my CQ Bee has scheduled a beach retreat later this month for a whole week.  Talk about fun and relaxation!  I can't wait.

So many nice people out in "blog-land" share wonderful images so I thought I would try to do the same occasionally.  Here is a picture that is free for you to use in your artistic endeavors - copyright free for sure as it is a picture of my dear Aunt Julie and dated 1919.  She was a nurse and a caregiver and blessed the lives of many, many people. 

Well, till next time, may the Lord bless you and keep you in His tender care.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Jules!! I just had to tell you how beautiful your baby shoe pincushions are!!!! I love that you used dark shoes too...thank you very much for mentioning me and for the link ~ wishing you a wonderful weekend, hugs and love, Dawn

FredaB said...

Hi Jules

Welcome back and am always glad to read your blog. I sure envy you the Tues. bee that you gals have. It would be wonderful. Plus a whole week away with friends will be so nice.

I will be waiting for the pincushion article as I picked up some little white baby boots a couple of weeks ago and thought of making them into pincushions.

All is well with us here after a bad summer and fall but that is behind us. Hope your family is doing well also.



Barbara Jean said...

LOVE your pincushions!!

barbara jean

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