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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Classes and Retreats are two of my all time favorite things, you know, aside from my faith, family and friends.  I have been really indulging and deluging myself with classes!  Online classes are really great since you can stay in your jammies or whatever and watch the videos at any hour.  I am continuing my class with Deryn Mentock called The Build Zone, which has been fantastic.  Her instructions and videos are great!  I am in the final stages of the class and now need to practice techniques with different types of wire and beads.  I also need to "flirt" with design at this stage which is a bit tricky since my "stash" is modest at this point. 

I also recently signed up for Suzi Blu's Portrait class.  She creates beautiful, whimsical faces and journal pages. She emphasizes kind of sexy, pout-y lips and eyes.

graphite pencil only
graphite, colored pencil, etc
 Here is my first try at sketching a face to learn about shading in layers and then my try at adding color and finishing a journal page.  This is a lot of fun and very relaxing.  Suzi Blu is delightful and playful as a teacher and an artist and her art and teaching videos reflect that. 

Once I got into Deryn's Build Zone, I realized it would be fun to make my own focal pieces and she has a class designed just for that in which she collaborates with Sharon Tomilinson called Of Towers and Turrets; so, yep - I am signed up and ready to go.  It starts on the 25th of this month.  I have been wanting to spend more time in my studio and these classes have afforded me that opportunity more than normal.  If any of you have purchased the new and really cool book Art at the Speed of Life, you will the art of Sharon Tominlinson and Suzi Blu in there!

I did go to the local quilt show and took some shots of some of the quilts on display to share with you. 

sorry for the shadow at the bottom, still learning
interesting 3-d textures

hand felted desert landscape

They had my friend, Mary's, (who recently passed away), quilt on display and again just amazed the crowds.  It was fun to be there and share stories about Mary and the fun we had together with our Crazy Quilt Bee as she was creating that incredible masterpiece.  She tatted her own pieces to add, dyed her fabrics and silk ribbon herself, and created adornments that are just breathtaking along with SRE, applique, painting, embroidery; you  name it and it is on that quilt. Here are some snaps of her beautiful quilt.  I can't share each and every detail, there are just too many, but these will give you an idea of her incredible talent and the "awesomeness" of this quilt.

The Mighty Oak full quilt
center block depicting Texas
note hummingbird done all in silk ribbon!
Mary did her own tatting, sunflower in silk ribbon

Last year I was fortunate to become a mother-in-law for the first time!  One of my twin boys married a beautiful Japanese girl named, Kakiko.  She has beena pure delight to have in our family.  Most of her family still reside in Japan.  In fact, her father and mother came for a visit this month - her father returning to work last week when the earthquakes hit.  His plane was in the air and rerouted to a US base.  Trains and other transportation were halted, etc. There were some anxious moments as you can imagine.  I am glad to report that so far, all the family has been accounted for and are doing well even though some were right at the epicenter of the earthquake.  The devastation is heartbreaking and will take the Lord's strength to enable recovery.  Kakiko and her family are Christians and can draw on their faith in challenging times such as this, but many in Japan are not.  I would humbly ask that you lift them all up in prayer at this time - that the Lord will comfort them, lead them, and heal them as individuals and as a nation in crisis.  And, if the Lord leads you to do so, find a way to help through the many agencies in our country who will reach out to them in this time of need to provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention. 
Happy 1st. Anniversary!

I will be absent for a week as I am going on yet another retreat with my "stitching sisters".  We have been invited to my brother's home in Canyon Lake (near San Antonio) over spring break.  We plan to stitch and tour the area (Wimberly, Fredericksburg, etc.) relax and revel in spontaneity and laughter.  I am sure I will have lots of pictures when I return to share.  Hot tub here we come!

Till next time, may God bless you and keep you!


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