Stitching, Shopping and Snakes?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi there.  Good to be back.  And, yes, I have changed the look of my blog.  I am still searching for my niche and trying to learn more about the blogging world and templates so there may even be more changes in the future as I try to find what feels most comfortable to me.  The choices are overwhelming!  I hope you will be patient if there are changes - most of them will just be visual background changes.

Well, my friends and I had a wonderful time in Canyon Lake, stitching and shopping, enjoying the quiet.  A few of us actually got in the hot tub as the picture will attest to and we had some excitement one evening when my brother killed a rattlesnake that was slithering into his yard.  It was wonderful to just be lazy and have fun.  We hit bead shops and quilt shops in Kerrville and Fredericksburg, but most of all just stayed in and stitched.  A big thanks to my SIL and brother for having us!  They have a beautiful home overlooking Canyon Lake and are so gracious to share their home and all its wonderful amenities.

Hot tub fun - nice view eh!  I mean the lake!
Lynnis and I resting outside Rughooking shop.

Mr. rattlesnake (dead)
rattlesnake skin - pretty isn't it?

Rattlesnake rattle (removed)
My dogphew (nephew dog), Gumbo was a lot of fun for us as well.  An Austrailian Labradoodle, he is unbelievably smart and quite entertaining.  He even came and slept with me two nights which was so sweet (as his momma was out of town part of the week while we were there, otherwise that wouldn't have happened!).  I do believe he loves his Aunt Julie though.
Barbara playing with Gumbo

I have included here a couple of pics of WIP; the hearts on the February block of the BOM I am working on - whew - it took a while to get all those flowers done.  And, a few more sketches I am working on to practice laying down layers of graphite and color.  I have really enjoyed SuziBlu's videos and what is even more awesome is that they are downloadble so that I will have them to go back to over and over as necessary.  Her classes are quite reasonable and lots of good stuff on the videos.  The only thing I haven't done too much of is design some pieces of jewelry which I do need to do.  I did make a couple of wrapped links which came out pretty good.

another drawing for practice

two more drawings for practice
Hearts on my CQ Feb. BOM
my first wire-wrapped bead links

Once I got back from the visit to my brother's, I had to help my Mom.  She has had additional surgery - long story.  She is doing pretty well all in all, but the surgical wounds don't want to heal due to her rheumatoid arthritis and we spent 7 hours in the ER friday night for her to get a round of iv antibiotics.  We see a new orthopedic surgeon in Houston tomorrow and I am hopeful that will result in a more positive outcome.

I am scheduled to attend KC Willis' Collage Camp at the Clarke Mansion outside of Austin the weekend of April 8th and am really looking forward to pulling together a nice fabric collage while there and enjoying the company of other collage artists.  And, my online class, Of Towers and Turrets, starts on April 1 so I will be playing with metals and ice resin - woohoo!  I know, I know, I must be ADD, but it is just hard to see all the wonderful new techniques out in the art community and not want to just jump in head first, right?!!!!

On the personal front , I am so glad that God gives believers power to change.  I am sorry to say that I often let the stress get to me when faced with the seeming overwhelming obstacles of even daily life.  It seems to happen before I know it and I can feel so beaten down and zapped of my strength. Some days it seems all we hear is bad news, sad news; and challenges seem to pop up one after the other.  Fortunately, I turned to Ephesians today and I was reminded and encouraged that all I need do is turn to Christ, stay in His word, and He will provide for and strengthen me.  If I will stay in His truth - I have no need to be anxious for anything.  His plan is unfolding and He is in control.  He has provided us with the Holy Spirit so we do not fight alone.  What a blessing of grace we have.  In these times of struggle, I pray that the Lord will wake me each morning with a song of God in my heart.  Eph 1:18  "I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance..."

Have a very blessed day!


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