Crawling out from under my I come!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well, it has been a while.  I keep struggling to return to my blogging and life has totally interrupted - how rude!  As with everyone, there are daily challenges arising that gobble up valuable time. So, my goal is to use my time more effectively - ha! right....well, I am going to try!  This will be just a short post today to get my feet wet again so to speak.  I have been dabbling in so many creative, encaustics, stitching, drawing, journaling, rusting fabric, and more and I want to share my discoveries with you.  There are so many wonderful things out there to discover. I always tend to overwhelm myself with having so many interests, but that is who I am, so I am going to go with it!  Today, I am just going to post this lovely little video of my grandson, Tai, to bring a smile to your face and give you that light-hearted feeling we all love when we hear happy squeals of a baby.  Enjoy, smile, remember.....   See you soon!


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