Spring is Here! (I know two posts in one day - amazing!)

Monday, March 18, 2013

OK, everyone needs to get their cameras out and take a walk - at this time of year (at least in the states), it is so good for the soul. There is new life all around and it is so encouraging. Here are some pictures I took while outside mowing the grass.  Came across this nest of newly hatched babies outside my husband's workshop.  So amazing...
 They were fast asleep until they heard the camera click...and then those little mouths came open...
 Then, as I passed by the bottle brush trees, you could hear it all abuzz with tons of bees enjoying their blooms.
This little guy was lost upstairs in my husband's workshop and couldn't find his way out.  We caught him, took this picture and sent him happily on his way.  Isn't he beautiful?



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