Trying to Find my Style

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well, I am taking yet another online class from Christy Tomlinson and loving all the wonderful information and techniques she provides. It is called Beyond the Art. I am also finishing one up with Junelle Jacobson of Yes and Amen.  They each have their own unique style, although many of their techniques overlap.  I am trying to find my own style and from what I understand that takes time and patience (did I say patience!)  So, today I am posting a piece I just finished in an effort to experiment with what speaks to me.  This piece is on a canvas about 15x20; the base is collaged with some Japanese paper and some polka dot tissue paper.  I sketched out the girl lightly in pencil and then used charcoal sticks, charcoal pencils, sumi ink, and some acrylic paint to complete the piece.  I thought it would be fun to leave the japanese writing on the paper showing through her face - there is a tiny bit of the polka dot showing too.  My main focus was her eyes.  I love faces and have really come to love Pinterest for finding awesome inspirational faces; and, I especially love expressive eyes.  I enjoy it when a simple face and expressive eyes can tell a complete story without any words at all.  I hope you like this piece. I am pretty happy with it and will continue on in my quest to develop my own style and be braver with my art and creative process.

Windows To My World
Thought I would share some Texas Hill Country shots I took over the Easter weekend.
 We were fortunate to be invited to a sunrise service Easter morning which took place at a private residence jutting out on this amazing peninsula at Canyon Lake.  These photos are, of course, after the sun rose a bit. It was a cloudy day, but still awesomely beautiful and touching.  Easter weekend was blessed with time with my husband, a Good Friday fish fry with my brother's neighbors, this beautiful sunrise service, meeting new people, time with family (got to see my adorable grand baby - and what grammy wouldn't like that) and of course, just enjoying the beautiful countryside of Texas Hill Country with blue bonnets and indian paintbrush blooming along the highways.

My brother has an outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven (old fashion kind where you have to build a fire - no gas!)  We had so much fun rolling out dough (harder than you would think, mine were more rectangle than round) and each of us creating our own unique pizzas with our favorite ingredients.  They cook very quickly once the oven is ready and boy were they awesome - mmm, mmm good!

My brother also has a couple of bee hives in his yard and I thought I would try to capture a picture of them coming and going from the hive.  Well, those little suckers move fast!  I did manage to get this one where they were going in and out of this area.  You can't get too close or they get a bit cranky and start diving at you.  They are very interesting though.  My brother got a Go Pro High Def video camera that he placed right on the ledge and took some video that was spectacular.  We even saw one bee do a somersault landing and get up and completely redo his landing as if being judged by his piers.  

 Here are some shots of a place we visited just on a whim when we saw their sign on RR12 outside of Wimberly, Texas.  The Old Oaks Ranch. The weather wasn't great, but it looked so inviting, so we stopped.  They have Alpacas (picture above) soooo cute (they were scheduled for shearing the next day so I am glad we saw them all furry), a very friendly donkey, and a beautiful sculpture garden complete with water fall and Koi.  They also have a shop on the premises which sells beautiful fibers of all kinds and provides classes in weaving, knitting, spinning, rug hooking, crocheting, felting, etc.  I found two delightful stuffed alpaca toys for my grand baby and a cousin and some beautiful felting fibers.  A very friendly place... You can check them out at

I thought I would also post these two videos that show how fast a Texas storm can arrive and flash flood the area.  We were on the outskirts of Austin when it starting raining and before you know it we were in quite a mess.  We did pull over and stay the night at a local hotel to wait out the storm which was continuing on the entire route home for us.  Continuing in that downpour would have been too treacherous for was a nail biter!

As always, I pray the Lord will guide you each and every day and shower you with His blessings,


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