It's HOT outside so I'm staying inside and taking online classes!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Here in Texas, the heat is sweltering and the humidity is high so the  best place to be is inside.  My photography class starts tomorrow on Jeanne Oliver's site and yep, I found another great class!  I have signed up for Bezel Bootcamp with Deryn Mentock.  I have taken a couple of online classes from Deryn and she is an excellent teacher. In this class, which starts the 21st, we will be learning how to soft solder and create bezels from sheet metal and filigree objects as well as using found objects, using resin, cold connections, even open back bezels.  Check out Deryn's site here and see all the great courses she is offering.   Believe me, her videos are exceptionally done and she explains and shows everything so that it is very easy to understand.

Bezel group2
Photo from Deryn Mentock showing Bezel Bootcamp class examples.

I have been organizing and cleaning up in my studio so haven't had time to do much creating yet - have been watching online videos of classes and taking notes, etc.  I like to print out pictures and put them in notebooks with notations to remember the skill set, technique, etc. I am also taking an "in person" encaustic (painting with molten wax) class in about a week and am really looking forward to that.  I have done some encaustic work, but have never had a "hands on" class, so I can't wait to learn new tips and techniques to improve my work.  I am taking this class from Linda Robertson Womack.  You can find out more about Linda and the workshops she offers here:   Linda is a professional artist, teacher and author of the book Embracing Encaustic.  I was fortunate to have met her at the Encausticon in San Antonio last year and am so excited to be taking a class from her.  I will let you know how it goes and share photos of the pieces I make.

I am sure a lot of you out there are thinking, my goodness - this girl is all over the place.  Well, yes, that is very true.  My interests are very diverse.  I just can't stick to one thing when there are so many wonderful and exciting venues of art to learn.  And, it is nice to be able to follow my inspiration each day...maybe jewelry making one day, sewing another, photography and encaustic/wax work the next.  I am enjoying every minute of building up my artistic resume; it is fun not to mention rewarding in so many ways.  I have met new friends all along the way and acquired lots of new skills.  I don't ever want to stop learning, exploring, and challenging myself! 

Till next time, may the Lord guide you and bless you each and every day,


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