Quite a Busy Day

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Well, I am really running quite late today with my post. Our internet provider has been VERY slow today. We live in the country and are only one step above dial-up which we had up until only a couple of months ago. And, it was an extremely busy day.

But before I get to my busy day, I want to show you this completed CQ block. This was made for a grieving friend. Several online friends are making blocks which will be combined to make a wall-hanging of encouragement. The center is a silk print of an angel with a peace dove. It is printed on silk and backed with batting to give a quilted texture. I have added hand-dyed rose lace motifs and then embroidered in those motifs for added contrast and shadows. I added SRE, embroidery, beading, and, of course, a spider web and spider for good luck. I really like how fuzzy and real this spider looks. Just pure luck, I assure you. When I do spiders, I never know how they will come out, but I love to stitch their dangly legs bending this way and that. For this little guy I used variegated Valdani thread (dark browns and grays) from their Vintage Hues Sampler. There are 12 yummy vintage colors in this kit. They are pearl cotton size 12. I used the same Valdani thread in variegated green for the vines of the SRE flowers. The colors of the block were chosen to compliment the friend's home. I do hope she will receive blessings from
this small token of care.

Here are close ups of the bottom right corner of the block and the SRE with the spider web and spider. I used a fine copper metallic thread for the web and hand-dyed all the silk ribbon for this project, except for the ribbon ruffles in the upper left corner. The trim around the oval print in the center is one I found at Julie Craig's store in Wichita, Kansas - Attic Heirlooms. If you have never been there, OMG, it is worth the trip - goodies you can't imagine!

Now, on to explain my busy day. Remember I said yesterday that I would be receiving squirrels? Well, here they are, at least a couple of snaps for you to see our cute little visitors.

This is our squirrel "hack out" cage which is set in the trees away from the house so that they can get use to the out of doors. All the new smells, sites, sounds, etc. Since these squirrels were mostly orphans who have been raised by wildlife rehabilitators, they have a lot to learn before they can go safely on their way. There are nest boxes on the inside top of the cage and large limbs inside for climbing and playing. Tomorrow we will put lots of smaller limbs with oak leaves inside for them to nibble on - today it began to rain shortly after this. You might be asking, "what do you feed squirrels?" Well, it isn't pecans as many people might think. We actually feed them rodent chow - yes, Purina makes rodent chow. It has all the proteins and complex nutrients needed for them to get healthy and strong. Pecans are treats for squirrels - like candy bars would be for us.

You can see three squirrels atop one of the nest boxes getting settled in.

Here is a pic of one squirrel trying out a leaf from the
bottom of the cage - they quickly have to check out
everything! And, one of the squirrels who still wants
to be babied a bit, begging at my feet.

I mowed the yard and front pasture before the squirrels and the rain came. I love to mow and it is a great time to just let your mind wander and soak in the blue sky, the billowing clouds, the trees waving in the breeze. I needed the time to let my mind wander today. I received a phone call from Mom this morning and will be leaving for Arkansas on Wednesday. I am a baby boomer and as such have parents now in their 80's. Many of us are coming to the time when serious decisions have to be made about their care. This is what I am facing on my trip. Both my parents have serious health issues. It is always great to spend time with my folks and share memories, but I never took a class in decision making regarding options for the aging and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is something that many people are facing these days and it hasn't really been properly addressed in my opinion. So here I go, flying by the seat of my pants again - and my heart. I know the Lord will walk this walk with me, thankfully.

One last picture today. This is "outside cat". This is a cat that has adopted us - a barn cat if you like. It is a Ferrel cat, but of course, I have been feeding it. I named it Mia until one day it got close enough for me to pick it up and found out that Mia was a "he" - so now he is just "Cat". Kind of along the lines of Holly Go-Lightly and her "Cat" - this is a very independent cat.


Allison Ann Aller said...

I love reading about your animal rehabilitation work. Those squirrels are so cute!
I empathize with your coming trip...filial duty is sacred, though, and acting from that perspective you will surely be guided.
Have you tried just Googling something like "Moving Parents to Assisted Living"? You might find some good thoughts and ideas....

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