Embellished Purses

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Here is a green velvet purse I made in November for a church auction we had. It has cream rayon ribbon fringe from Flights of Fancy, tea-dyed lace motifs, hand-rolled hanah ribbon roses from Artemis and beading for accent. I really like the handle for this purse and have included a pic of the handle and pattern package. This is by Ellen Medlock and it is really neat. You can probably find this at your favorite quilt store or online at the link I provided. You can make as many fabric purses in the same pattern as you want and interchange them with the handle since the handle rods unscrew. You can take the purse off and put on another one in minutes. What a great idea - one handle, but a purse for every mood and every outfit! I like this one so much, I will probably make one or two for myself. This purse sold at the auction.

Here are a couple of shots of a red velvet purse I made for the church auction as well. I made the handle to the purse with the Diva Cord Maker from Fibergoddess - it is a really fun gadget! The flap of the purse I took some flower-patterned fabric and added hand-dyed lace motifs, silk ribbon embroidery, beads, etc. and in some places let the background flowered fabric show through for depth. I am happy to say that this purse sold as well.

Here is a pix of the Diva Cord Maker. You use seven different fibers of any kind to weave whatever you can dream up. You can use yarns, threads, rope, strings of beads; large or small. And, it is really quick. I take it with me to doctor's appointments and sit and make cords while I wait. It is quite a conversation starter - there is always someone who can't resist to ask, "What is that and what are you making?"

Here are a couple of snaps of the namebadge purse I made to wear at the Houston Quilt Show so that my credentials would easily be seen, it would hold my credit card and I could keep my hands free to caress all those wonderful fabrics and textiles for sale. This was really quick and easy. I just hand-dyed several lace motifs, cut them up and stitched them in a pleasing design, then added beads, sequins, etc. The handle for this was also done with the Diva Cord Maker.

Ok, now really, off to chores! I just wanted to prove that I really do sew!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome Julie!
What a great addition to the blogging community you are...I look forward to your posts and will get you on my RSS feed pronto.
Adorable doggie wog, too... ;-)

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