What were they thinking?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Do you ever see things around and wonder, "What were they thinking?" Well, here is a shot of a plumbing truck I came upon today while out running errands for Mom and Dad. Yes, the partners are named Brett and Mark, but really now...B&M Plumbing? I just cracked up when I saw this truck going through the neighborhood and had to grab my camera and take a photo.

Today was a nice cold, but sunny day and both Mom and Dad were feeling better today. I was able to take them both out for a nice afternoon late lunch at their favorite restaurant. It was good for all of us to get out.

I thought I would show you some pin cushions. These are great gift ideas for those special friends who sew. You can find all kinds of neat items at resale shops, garage sales, and antique shops to use. Small tea cups, silver spoons, salt cellars, unusual bottles....all kinds of items can be used to make the most unique and beautiful pin cushions. Below are a couple I have done this year....on the left is a silver spoon purchased at an antique shop...it might even look nice if I drilled a small hole in the handle or put a bail on it and hang it around my neck on a silver chain like a chatelaine....(I just love chatelaines!) Then there is a little crystal salt cellar - these are fun little finds and easily converted into beautiful little pin cushions for someone special.

Here are some photos of antique chatelaines. Women would wear these as pins, around their neck, or at their waste attached to belts. They would hold precious utilitarian items of all kinds. Some had implements of sewing, some had household implements and necessities such as a watch, keys, coin keepers, a memory aide (small notebook type item) with pencil, compacts, lipsticks, button hooks, eye glasses, all kinds of things. My favorite, of course, are the sewing chatelaines. These pictures are from Morning Glory Jewelry are for sale online.

There are also stores that have new silver chatelaines and chatelaine components for sale; Thimbles by T. J. Lane, for example. Here are the ladies who were running the booth for T.J. Lane at the Houston Quilt Show. They have gorgeous items.


Allison Ann Aller said...

What a funny picture!
Glad the sun came out and that you three had a nice outing as well.

I totally missed that booth in Houston, I wonder how? Thanks for posting the pics of your projects and also those beautiful chatelaines!

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