Heart and Hands for Sendai, Japan

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wanted to post regarding this important project.  The hostesses of CQI (Crazy Quilting International) have started a this project dedicated and benefiting those affected the the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan.  It involves making a quilt block; either traditional or crazy quilted and is open to the quilting community at large. All quilts that result will be part of an exhibit in Japan to raise money and ultimately, they may be auctioned with the proceeds going to a chairty to help those affected in Japan.
You may track details on the Crazy Quilting International blog,
http://crazyquiltinginternational.blogspot.com or the ICQA Facebook page http://tinyurl.com/4h3x28a.  You can also find more information on Leslie Ehrlich's blog, Pinyon Creek Stitchin.

Here are the Guidelines for the Project:

Theme: Friendship and re-building of a country
Finished block size: 8 inches
Colors: Jewel Tones
Style: traditional or crazy quilt blocks will be accepted
For traditional quilt blocks, there are no pattern restrictions. The only
requirements are the size and the colors. Finished size is to be 8 inches (20.32
cm). Please allow a half inch seam allowance. Colors are jewel tones. No
restrictions to the type of fabric used.
For crazy quilt blocks:
_ Cut foundation at 9 inches (22.86 cm), piece the entire foundation.
_ Baste a line at 8 inches (20.32 cm) to stop embroidering
_ Do not add beads or charms past 7 ½ inches (19.05 cm)
_ Zig zag edges to prevent edges from fraying.
_ Add your name and address on the back of the block.
_ Mark the block with “UP” to show which side is the top
_ Prefer all fabrics used be “fancies” (ie: silk, satin, taffeta, velvet) but if you have
some kimono fabrics or other oriental themed fabrics in your stash you are
welcome to use them.
_ All beading MUST be double stitched and knotted with BEADING THREAD!!!
NO exceptions!!! These items will be handled a great deal and beads, buttons,
charms are among the first to begin to loosen. Embellishments – may be done
by machine or by hand.
_ Lace and other motifs are acceptable and must be securely attached
_ Trims are acceptable and must be securely attached
_ SRE is acceptable
_ Tatting and crocheted butterflies and dragonflys, etc are acceptable and must
be securely attached
_ Please sign the back of your block

If you have any questions, please email Leslie (pinyoncreekq@q.com).  Also please contact Leslie for her mailing address as all finished projects are due to her by June 30, 2011.   An entry fee of $10.00 for each block is required.  This fee will be accrued and forwarded to our Japanese hostess, Hideko Ishida to help will administrative costs and/or be given directly to a charity there in Japan.  This entry fee can be sent as a check or money order (payable to ICAQ) or by Paypal at icqa4u@yahoo.com.  Please check gift for the donation if using paypal.

I hope you will consider getting involved and using your creative talent to give the people of Japan the gift of hope.  Thank you in advance!

I will be posting my block in the next few days as I get it pieced together and ready to embellish.

I couldn't resist showing you my new purchase.  You have seen some of my recent sketches that I have been working on.  I have enjoyed this sketching class immensely - sitting and sketching seems to be a stress reliever for me.  So, when Dick Blick had this 120 Prisma pencil set on sale, I had to jump on it.  Isn't it dreamy?

Sorry, no real eye candy today as I spent the entire day mowing the acreage - it was a beautiful day outside and I just had to be outdoors in the fresh air.  Just dropped in a few photos here that I took while outside today - practicing with my new camera.

Here is a blue bird couple who are nesting by our tomato plants.

Glimmers of Faith:
A question in my Bible study today that popped out at me was:  Do you know Christ, or do you just know about Christ?  Boy, that is a meaty question isn't it.  I have been studying the Bible for a long time, but knowledge doesn't necessarily mean that you have the relationship with Christ that you should, that you need, that you desire.   Time with Christ is essential to establishing a faithful relationship with Him.  We need to devote time to be with Christ every single day - talk to Him, listen to Him, learn from Him, be obedient to Him.  I know how hard that is in this busy world, but you can't imagine the blessings that will come from it; it will help you to face each day with joy in your heart. He is our Redeemer and gave His all for us, for our salvation - let's bring joy to His heart and ours and spend time with Him today and every day!

Hugs and blessings till next time,


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